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WTB: Atari 2600 system box (empty; box only), and ANY other system boxes

Retro STrife

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I've been on a "box only" kick lately, buying some system boxes to display in my gameroom. I figured I'd do a WTB post on here to see if you guys have any spares lying around.


First off, I would be interested in any box for any system. I collect for every system out there, mainstream or obscure. However, naturally, I'm more interested if it's a box I don't already have. Atari 2600 is probably the main one on my "to-buy" list at the moment, so that's why I mention it in the title. Colecovision, Intellivision, Virtual Boy, Sega 32X, and Sega CD are a few others I can think of that I don't have. But there's many others. Handheld system boxes are good too.


The price I would pay would depend on the system, the condition, whether I already have it, whether it has any contents (foam, manual, etc.), and so on. I probably wouldn't be willing to swing more than $25-$30 shipped on a box, and that would be for an early Atari 2600 box in good condition. I think that's at or close to ebay prices, while saving you the hassle and fees. By comparison, I'd have a hard time justifying even $10 on an N64 box, just because I already have two decent ones. (I wouldn't expect someone to accept that low of a price..simply pointing out that I'd pay fair value for some and can't pay fair value for others.) So that's the price range I'd be looking at, just to give a heads up in advance. But, for the right box, I might be more flexible, so don't feel hesitant to PM me. Also, if you have any manuals, foam, or other box contents, I'd likely be more interested. But I'm fine with empty boxes.


I do already have boxes for a number of my systems and handhelds (off the top of my head.... NES, SNES, N64, Master System, Genesis, Dreamcast, PS1/PS2/PS3, Xbox/Xbox 360, CD-i, Odyssey, Odyssey 2, and several more). However, if it's a variant of my box or if you're trying to get rid of it at a low price, I may still be interested in buying a duplicate.


I am not super crazy about condition--I'd consider a box as long as it's sturdy enough to stand up and be displayed, and doesn't have damage/mutilation to the point of being unsightly. Creases and heavy wear are not dealbreakers. For me, condition just factors into price.


If you have something, feel free to shoot me a PM, preferably with photo(s).

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People willing to sell you 2600 boxes shipped for $25 they would basically be giving them too you. Not saying it won't happen but something to keep in mind.

Agreed. I have several boxes available but once i saw that the poster was in Connecticut there was no way. California to Connecticut would be cost prohibitive. Not due to weight, but the box size is a killer with usps. Someone much close should be able to make this deal work though.

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