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Phoenix Software source code


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Here's the source code for three text adventure games: Adventure in Time, Birth of the Phoenix and Queen of Phobos, all published by Phoenix Software. I got these from the programmer, Paul Berker. My interview with him will be published in the ANTIC podcast soon.

Adventure in Time source code 1.DSK

Adventure in Time source code 2 81-08-04.DSK
Adventure in Time Atari version, toolkit.DSK
Adventure in Time modem version.DSK


Adventure in Time and Birth of the Phoenix includes both Apple // and Atari versions, because the Atari version was cross-compiled from the Apple. Note these are Apple // .DSK files. The modem version was a special version that allowed you to play the game online, presumably.


Birth of the Phoenix.DSK
Birth of the Phoenix backup.DSK
Birth of the Phoenix - Atari version.DSK
Birth of the Phoenix - Atari version backup, bad track 6.DSK
Birth of the Phoenix - Games Channel.DSK
Birth of the Phoenix - Games Network Channel.DSK
Birth of the Phoenix.DSK
Birth of the Phoenix backup.DSK
Again for Phoenix, we have Apple // and Atari versions. Plus a couple of versions that were meant to played online, on something called Games Network Channel. (Paul didn't remember much about that.)
Phobos Dav Holle IO Phobio.DSK
Queen of Phobos Modem Text Version.DSK
Queen of Phobos was only made for the Apple //. It was a graphical game, and I don't think this is the complete source code.




Images made with my Apple //: Apple DSK images.zip

The same disks, but imaged with kyroflux: Apple DSK images - KyroFlux reads.zip

All of the source code extracted as text files for your convenience: Extracted text files.zip


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