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So you bought yourself an Amiga 1200.... Now what?


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Did you run out and purchase an Amiga 1200 or 4000 and you're new to the Amiga?


If so, this site contains a simple guide to help you out -- complete with fonts, Libs, and c directories from an Amiga 4000/040 that's been in service for ages. In addition to info on how to use AmigaDOS 3, it also includes information on how to link an Amiga to a Windows 98se PC and transfer files between them.


The file is called AmigaOS-stuff.zip and it's about two-thirds of the way down this page:






Additional useful utilities located here:






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Now updated with PDFs instead of text files for the two AmigaDOS help files.


As well, the jpg datatype, more library files, and utilities have been added. One of which is a nifty utility called "ClickNot". If you place this in your WBStartup folder, the drives will click a few times after boot-up, and then you will hear wonderful silence. I wish I'd known about this little program years ago.

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