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The Return of The Atarians Album / Video game Combo


Return of the Atarians Album Idea  

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  1. 1. Is the idea of a music album / video game as one on real atari hardware awesome?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Your Insane Rick
  2. 2. Which Game / Theme Should It be

    • Daleks Of Skaro
    • Mission to The Unknown
    • Ghosts Of Quabbin
    • Other Idea
  3. 3. Would You Like To Help?

    • Yes, and I can Help Program / Develop
    • Yes, But just help with ideas
    • No, but Good luck

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HI I was brainstorming tonight...


And I want to do the next Return of the Atarians Music Album Like this...


I want it to be a music album that you can also play as a cassette audio game on the atari 8bit machines / emulators


It would be distrubuted in 2 formats : Music only with vocals and instrumental only version in .cas format to be played on cassette on actual atari hardware


Now what i want the video game and music to be based of the daleks of skaro prototype ive been working on but it could be anything..


any ideas or anyone who would want to help make this.. and possibly help with the programming and technical parts that would go into making this?

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