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Steam store changes


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Valve has made it easier to filter out things you don't want to see in the Steam store. It will be nice not to see Early Access titles anywhere. Hopefully adding the "Free to Play" tag will work as well. There also seems to be more targeted marketing going on since it's showing a lot more games similar to other titles in my library than it used to.



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Looks like I'll be getting extra spam in the inbox since Steam has taken this opportunity to opt-in everyone into being sent an email (And a phone call/text if you set up a phone) whenever something on the wishlist goes on sale.


Personally I have over 200 things marked on my wish list - more to remind me to check them out again later, not always because I definitely want to buy them. There's always at least one of them on sale.


I may have to weed through my wish list and remove (And forget about, thus never have a chance to buy) anything I wasn't definitely waiting to buy on a price drop.

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