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new years disc 2017


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Another year had passed and it's time to remember that there will be another new years disc ;)


If you want to be part of this edition simply create something for the A8 and send it to nyd_at_ppsberlin_dot_de or pm me here.


This time we add a full 10 to the year since the innitial release in 2007. Let's have another ten at least ;)


Here are the threads to every past version:

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I have an idea for the NYD where I need some help.


What I need are some small pictures in Antic Mode $0e (aká Gr.15). But with a limit of 48 (maybe 50) pixels height. theme sshould be Xmas, new year or winter. You have a full go for the 4 colors of each line and I hope to have time for possible color switch in every line - at least where needed too.


Would be cool if someone could help.


Some rmt tune would be handy as well ;)

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Sorry for triple posting, but I have to add that the wanted pics can have a height of up to 96 pixels. Font graphics is allowed to. So a maximum of 5 colors per line is possible.


Hope you will like what I want to do with that - and of course I hope for some pics ;)

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Hmm... thinking...


- one could convert Gr. 15 pics into Gr. 7 or simply erase every second line of a Gr. 15 pic. Not sure if this looks good though...?!?

- another choice would be to use a Gr. 7 painting program (e.g. Paint by Atari or GAD/Graphic Arts Department) and load the painted Gr. 7 pic as the upper half of a Gr. 15 screen...

- think there was also a (painter?) program by Antist (german programmers), who made "Die Zeitmaschine" 1, 2 and 3 and other programs and used only the upper half of the Gr. 15 screen for their graphic-adventures, while the lower half was reserved for text (the pics did have a length of 31 sectors)...

- of course one could also use a standard Gr. 15 painting program (Micropainter, PD-Micro-Paint, BBK Art, PAD/Pixel Artist Deluxe, Koala/Micro-Illustrator, etc.) and use only the upper half of the screen...


Attached are some old winter pics in Gr. 7 and Gr. 15 (*.MIC), as well as a demo-snow-constructor (for Gr. 15 pics + scroller + snow, *.OBJ length = 83 sectors) with winter pics and some GAD pics...maybe some of them are usefull for you.





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Ok, I'm back from Hamburg and checked my post boxes.


At the moment (about 9 pm (CET), 2016-12-30) I got entries from

  • Ivo van Poorten
  • snicklin
  • playsoft
  • miker (& friends & xxl)
  • wratchild
  • desire
  • rockford
  • Mario130XE
  • cosine

If someone is not listed here, please give us a hint. We want it all ;) Nothing should be missed.

Done, dusted and emailed off with a few days to spare for a change... yays! =-)

Sorry, no email arrived here. Please resend, or pm me here.

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