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What would you think about...a Halo 2600 sequel?

GemWare Games

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Now, i can't program this (of course) because I am not a head 343 Industries manager, and I don't have ANY rights whatsoever of Halo (rats). Anyway, I would just like to know your opinion on a Halo 2600 sequel (whether it be called Halo 2602 or Halo 2 : 2600), and even if you LIKED the first (maybe only) one. (I like it very much. 5 stars.)

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Heh! No, it is a science fiction game demake for the 2600 in 2010. They sell it at the AtariAge Store! The game is called Halo because the Forerunners (aliens whom are very advanced) built large rings, known as Halos, to stop an infection. The game takes place long after this. You can read the rest of the description on the AtariAge Store. (Too bad you don't know what it is! Halo is a great game!).

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I think that the best option for anyone who doesn't have "Fries" in their name is to make their own game and brand which pays homage to Halo 2600.


This has the side benefit of not disturbing the dragon known as big game company lawyers. Ed got a free pass naming the game "Halo" because of obvious reasons.


In cases like this you really have to just dive in an start the project. If enough people enjoyed the original game for the gameplay you'll get some buzz.

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