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The Official AtariAge 2016 Secret Santa Thread


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Interesting request on mine under candy. Fortunately I live about 20 minutes from Frankenmuth (a tourist trap town) full of weird food and candies so I may be able to find something that would light fire in the victim recipient's stomach.


I'd have to look up on import/export law to see if there's something I can't send just in case.

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Well I am one of these people but that's because I got it as an email and have been working from my mailbox. I'll go read it now for you and get off Big Red's list. :)

you are now officially post-30739-0-00186800-1480518486.jpg


you have made ralphie very happy too post-30739-0-20650000-1480518524_thumb.jpg

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Before I will ship my stuff (which will happen as soon as one last thing arrives in the mail), let me ask you US guys one thing. Sweets, candy, cookies and the like. Would you say that your FDA or customs cause problems when I ship them across the pond from Germany? I am not sure if I understand the rules correctly, so I better ask here. Should I state on the package that it includes, among other things, some sweets? Or should I just not care and just do it?

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