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The Official AtariAge 2016 Secret Santa Thread


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As long as there is nobody in Australia on the Secret Santa, I think packages are fine. Or perhaps I've watched too many episodes of the Australian Border Security.


Edit: So domestic packages within the US may contain poison, but international packages may not? Humbug!

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I hope everyone is having fun getting their Secret Santa gifts together.


I am a little concerned, though, about a few members - not sure if they have read their SS info notifications and I am still waiting on one participant's shipping info.

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I hate it when someone lies to me on the Internet. Thankfully it happens so rarely... :ponder:


Despite a website's assurance that what I was looking for could not be found locally within 100 miles of where I live, I found it! And now my victim's goodies are on the way!

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So I am STILL waiting for one Secret Santa participant to respond with their shipping info


There are EIGHT Secret Santa participants who have not read their "SS info" PM yet ...


I see a list forming


attachicon.gif nn.jpg

Some of us also gets notification directly into email. I already knew who my gift receiver is a few days ago and got the shopping done without having read the actual PM. All that's left is to wrap it up and take it to post office.

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One of the things my wife and i like to do each Christmas is watch Christmas movies - no matter how bad they look, especially the "made-for-TV" type movies. We watched this one last night:



Yes, it was as bad as it looks but at least it wasn't crude - it did have one extreme "gross out" moment though. The full movie is on youtube. Watch starting at moment 1:01:07. I will only say this: Santa is allergic to cats. Enjoy! post-30739-0-14133200-1480812614_thumb.jpg post-30739-0-65211400-1480812655_thumb.jpg



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