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The Official AtariAge 2016 Secret Santa Thread


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Got mine! Whoohoo! I'm keeping the box closed and sealed until Christmas, unless otherwise instructed. :) I can't tell if the contents are wrapped, so I'm afraid to open the box.


I haven't had a chance to ship my own out. I am still waiting on one item to be delivered! :(



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Mine arrived Monday, and I cracked it open Tuesday. When I have a moment I'll take some pictures and show it all off. For now I'll just say thank you to my Secret Santa, not only for the goodies but also for all the fun my roommate and I had looking stuff up online about the goodies!

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Wow, all I can say is that my SS is awesome!! Got a huge bag of Reese's Pieces, which are my favorite, AND a yummy looking Belgian chocolate bar that also serves a good cause (look up Tony's Chocolonely). There was a simply crazy cool Nintendo shirt, and a period N64 magazine that I can't wait to dive into. But wait, there's more! There's also two individually wrapped presents, and those went under the tree for me to open on Christmas. So it's like the best of both worlds....presents for now AND for Christmas! I definitely need to remember to do that next year....awesome idea.


Thanks so much SS....I'm truly grateful for the thought that went into your gifts and appreciate them SO MUCH!

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Just an update on my status... the last item I ordered for my Sekrit Santa victim recipient was shipped on December 5 yet I'm still waiting. DHL tracking service estimates that it should arrive tomorrow, Saturday. :(


Good thing it's only going domestic! :o


I am sorry for the delay, but as soon as I get this final item I will ship expedite for it to arrive on time for Christmas. According to the USPS site, we're still on time. :thumbsup:




P.S. I hope I'm not the last one... :ponder:

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I received my Secret Santa package a week ago! I have been extraordinarily busy this week, and this will continue for another week before things calm down for me (I have over 300 packages to ship in the next few days for everyone who pre-ordered the Opcode SGM and/or Gradius and Penguin Adventure!) I wanted to post photos of what I received from my Santa! I have NOT sent my package out yet, but I have been collecting items, and I plan on sending mine out on Monday via Priority Mail, so the recipient should have it well in time for Christmas..


I want to say thanks to my Secret Santa, even though I haven't opened everything in the box yet! Here are some photos...


The box shortly after I opened it, before I started looking through its contents. There was a nice card included. :)




After removing the card.




Various candy, dark chocolate bar, and even some silly putty! I won't comment on how much of the candy has already been consumed...




The small pouch contained a meteorite fragment and a magnifyer to view it in more detail . Very cool!



A flattened and imprinted penny from Washington state!



So, the two largest items in the package were sitting at the bottom of the box. And I'm going to save them for Christmas and open them then! It's possible I picked them up to try and discern their contents. :) I will report back here once I've opened them!


Once again, thanks to my Secret Santa!


I will continue working on my outgoing Secret Santa package this weekend -- I already have a nice pile of stuff for the box. :)



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I received my SS package yesterday and I have to say that I am floored! My SS parted with some really special stuff. Before I get into that I have to say that the Texas Millionaire was delicious! It was devoured I say about one minute after opening the package and taking the picture. :)


There were a slew of candy canes in there as well...that I quickly hid so the kids don't pound them before I get to them :)



There was a Tandy Caveman in there. Very cool! I haven't seen one of these in ages. I love these! Thank you!


The Commodore books are fantastic. I love having literature for one of my favorite computers! I'll certainly be reading through these shortly!


The biggest surprise was a prototype board from Lotharek of what became the HxC floppy emulator. This was a really unexpected surprise. I followed the HxC floppy emulator project when it started coming to be and used to own a few models. I never expected to own the prototype of it! Now I will hunt down and Amiga again and put it to good use! Thank you so much again Secret Santa! You really made my Christmas extra special :)


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Got my package today. I would have waited for Christmas, but it was unwrapped in a padded envelope. Thanks SS. My wife likes it as well!


Edit: I've been watching these ghosts chase pac-man out of the corner of my eye 60 times an hour for the last few hours. I'm going to have nightmares tonight!


Edit #2: I jumped the gun on saying I received my SS package. The Pac Man clock was actually sent to me by a co-worker ... the package didn't have any sender info on it and I just assumed it was my AA SS gift! Doh! :-)





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Here are the goodies my Secret Santa gave me, which came all the way from Singapore!


post-6115-0-60969100-1482111523_thumb.jpg post-6115-0-46207700-1482121936_thumb.jpg


I have stories to tell about a lot of these!


I admit I have the two Intellivision games already, however, I happen to be building "road collections" for several consoles, to take along when offering games to play at some event. Only in the past couple of months did I decide to start a road collection for the Intellivision, so these came in at the perfect time!


Speaking of perfect timing, I got my first Disney Infinity bits to play with even more recently (picture over here), and now I have a couple more!


With the Capcom DVD I learned about the Tokyo Game Show, a monstrously big video game convention in Japan, even bigger than E3! I'll probably never get to go, but now I have a souvenir from the 2010 show!


I absolutely love Pocky. So does my roommate. It's a miracle the box survived long enough to be photographed! I've bought the American packaging here in the States, and once in a while I'll run into someone selling the Japanese boxes. Now I have a Singapore box. I wonder... no, I better not, I have too many collections going as it is!


The other candy box is Merlion Hazelnuts Chocolates. The box told me some things about Singapore I didn't know:



The Merlion, a favorite Singapore icon, is a mythical creature with the head of a lion and the body of a fish. The lion head is inspired by a majestic beast spotted by Prince Sang Nila Utama, who discovered the ancient city of Temasek in 1299. He later renamed the city "Singapura": "Singa" meaning lion and "Pura" meaning city in Sanskrit. The fish body of the Merlion represents Singapore's origin as a humble fishing village.



I've since read that historians believe the prince actually saw a tiger, but hey, what do they know? :)


The Escape from New York discs are VideoCD's, and my Secret Santa might be surprised to know these actually aren't the first VideoCD's I've received as gifts. Years back my mother found Pink Floyd's P.U.L.S.E. on VideoCD, to complement the laserdisc and DVD editions I have. I haven't really actively collected VideoCD's beyond that, but I tend to keep whatever I find, both for the interesting packaging from other countries and the stories they tell of the first digital video disc standard to achieve widespread success (though not really in the U.S.). Here is Escape from New York at home with its new brothers and sisters:




The PlayStation 20th Anniversary souvenir is a set of four spools of colored tape.




These would be perfect for wrapping gifts for fellow video game fans, but of course I'm going to keep them complete instead!


Thanks, Secret Santa, for all of these treats, and the Unity t-shirt and my Christmas card! Every so often I get reminded just how global the AtariAge community really is, and that's just darn cool.

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DHL handed out my last item to USPS over the week-end, and now they claim delivery will take place today, Monday. I better, because I'm leaving to visit my family tomorrow! :o


I aim to ship my package today. I really need that last item or else the entire gift is sort of a dud. :(


I apologize to my Secret Santa recipient... You have not been forgotten!





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