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2048 game for Intellivision


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Hi everyone.

Today I was kind of bored and tired trying to implement an algorithm for a game that I'm doing by request.

Casually I ended in the 2048 game page, and I passed half an hour playing it.

The objective of the game is to move all numbers in any of 4 directions (like falling), and the numbers of same value collapse, till you get the magical 2048 number. It's not so easy.

I thought it would make a very interesting Intellivision game and I started coding it, it took me 4 hours. :grin:

And here is it after some polishing, including adding some music by First Spear ;)

Edit: BTW sources included, maybe tomorrow I'll add now including a pair of sound effects I've forgot.


Edit 2: Now with 4096 and 8192 modes, press 5 in title screen ;)


Edit 3: Now with the extra modes by Kiwi and Tarzilla, code clean and re-indented to my style :P and also with my original "classic" mode.

(click to animate)







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Is 2048 the end of the game, then? You should be able to keep playing. I know I've got the 4096 before, so I'd add support up to 8192 at least (realizing 16384 and higher won't fit as easily).


Yep, 2048 is the end of the game. Hmmmm, it could be a startup option.


How does the Score work? Does a lower score indicate fewer moves, or is a higher number better?


Yep, a lower score indicates fewer moves because each time you merge a number, the resulting number is added to your score.


Anyway not a "clear" better score as the number seed in board is pseudo-random.

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post-24767-0-76152800-1478903550_thumb.png <-- does not animate, just showing off my score


Here's a youtube video I made snow in action:


Snow addified: 2048s.zip


Kinda funny that as I was adding the feature to the Interrupt procedure, it wouldn't work. The window would pop up and close. Reading in the manual in the past basically saying don't put too much work in the on frame loop or stack overflow will occur, was on my mind. It took me awhile to remember if ROM size is over 16KB, remap the data. So I did that and then the snowing animation worked. Yay!!! With priority bit on for the back snowflakes. So I went ahead and boot up tile studio to draw the number and the backdrop for the bottom of the screen. The numbers are attached in the zip file. Only thing you have to know that the number 128, and 2048, the last tile displaying 8 is the duplicate tile that Intycolor found. So keep that in mind that you'll have to update the 2048 and above tile information in the 2 print_at trees in the source code if you're redrawing those 2 numbers. I changed the graphic mode to colorstack mode to make the priority bit work right for the numbers.


I don't know if I broke anything or not. That snowman isn't from Christmas Carol as far as I know of.


Rev(and/or cmart) will now have to put this on his LTO Flash and play it on his Intellivision.

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