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Single button games...

Andromeda Stardust

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I'm curious to know how many joystick compatible Atari 2600 games out there that do not use the joystick at all, just the fire button. Off the top of my head, I can think of three homebrews currently in the AA store:



Anyway I just built a single button controller (that's right, one button!). More info here:




Anyone know of more games I can try out with this device? :grin:

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While not Atari 2600 specific - and your controller should be compatible with more than the 2600 - here is some kind of list. I remember there was a discussion here or elsewhere not too long on the same topic, but I can't find that thread right now.




Quite remarkably, the majority of such games are indie games released past Y2K. I suppose in the 1980's, most designers would want to use all directions and buttons the manufacturer offered, and not until now we've had this minimalistic wave of games in the Flappy Bird, Canabalt etc era where just a button should be enough.

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Thanks for the list.


It appears Canyon Bomber used paddle controllers which means the Fire button on the left paddle should activate joyright. I could easily add a toggle switch inside the controller for paddle support.


I had this game at one point but ended up selling it back as it's not that great, though I can always go back and pick up one of the five copies my local GameXChange has in stock. I actually thought my joystick was broke when I first played it, until I looked and it said "use with paddles" but even then rotating the dial didn't do anything. :P


Swoops is also mentioned on the list as well but Flappy (well at not the 2600 version), Wall Jump Ninja, and Jump VCS are missing. Wall Jump Ninja is an excellent game btw.


The reason why most single button games are post Y2k is due to the smartphone phenomenon. Touch screens are poorly suited to action games or arcade style gameplay but work surprisingly well if you treat the entire screen as a single giant button. So they made some time wasters like flappy bird for you to play while sitting on the crapper.


Activision's Barnstorming has deeper gameplay than say Flappy Bird and I suppose the game could be hacked to use a single button if the throttle was always on and the plane drifted down except when Fire is pressed (instead of up). However this new control change would require retuning the physics and possibly reworking the level design.

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This is the thread I was thinking of:



Edit: Hehe, I see that one of my crap games has entered MobyGames list of single button games. That was not intentional.





This website is dedicated to one button games. I thought this game was very interesting where the button did different things depending on the level. It throws a star, it makes you float, it holds you in place, makes you jump, etc.


Space is the key was a little different too.

Not bad. Flash control is a bit laggy but otherwise worked pretty well. Some of the later stages were frustrating. I "avenged" my master in 12:28:9 with 552 clicks... :P

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