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atari2600land's Blog - I want a game.com homebrew game, dammit!


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Ever since I bought a game.com used from someone here on AtariAge a few years ago, I've often wondered why nobody has come up with a game.com homebrew yet. We have an emulator, we have ROMs. Why won't someone look at those ROMs to see how they work and make a compiler for Game.com games? Just about every other non-successful (to put it generously) system has one: Virtual Boy, Game Gear, Pokemon Mini, even the N-Gage apparently), but STILL NOT GAME.COM. Why is this? I have about a zillion ideas to try and implement on the Game.com, but I guess I NEVER will. And apparently nobody else ever will, either. No multicart or flash cart either. One game which would go perfectly on it is the DS game Polarium. The game.com has a touch screen, which is semi-needed (Polarium did have a Game Boy Advance version), almost colorless so it can be done in black and white, and is FUN. In fact, lots of other games would be fun on it. Imagine a Pac-Man collection, or my beloved GoSub, or just about anything nowadays. It can, but won't, be done...using the game.com. It's sad.

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