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Help with multicart


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Hello I am posting this in the 2600 section as the harmony and the 7800 sections get almost zero traffic.

I am trying to reprogram my concerto..OK WAIT DONT LEAVE YET!! It is the same procedure as the harmony cart

WHat my problem is I dont know exactly what to put in the slots on the programing tool. I put in the concerto bios on the eeprom slot and it says file size too large, It is looking for a ntsc eeprom loader and the next line is supposed to match this file name and the next is supposed to be the root loaction on the sd card. I did read the harmony pdf to no avail. Everything is plugged in correctly with the right cables etc.

Anyone ever do this and know how to set it up and where in gods name does a person find the ntsc loader?? I spent hours looking today to no avail..


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