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Tandy 1000 TL/2 Hard Drive Issue


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I have a Tandy 1000 TL/2 computer that I acquired recently. I had to replace the hard drive and a floppy drive. I formatted the hard drive and have successfully transferred files over to it from some disk. However, I can not load any games from the hard drive. These same games will load just fine when running from the floppy itself. The weird thing is is that small utility programs, such as setuptl2 will run just fine from the hard drive. But with every game I have tried so far it will skip to the next line in the command prompt like its going to load but just freeze there. I've let it be for nearly 30 minutes once trying to load SImCIty. Any idea what might be causing this?

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You should be booting off DOS on the hd. I think 5.0 was always my favorite.

I had an SL but I can't remember the procedure on disabled the internal rom version. I think it also made a virtual ram drive using C: which could also be causing a conflict for you.


Search for a PDF of the user manual. I bet Radio Shack's site has it as a free download.

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I've installed 5.0 on the hard drive and set bios to boot from disk. Its the same result as the games. It acts like it wants to load up but just freezes. The hard drive doesn't make any noise likes its even trying to read anything. I can copy, paste, and write all day long to the hard drive but for whatever reason it acts like it doesn't know how to open programs for some reason. I cant think of what else I could do?

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