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Can I use an Atari SC1224 with my Commodore 64?


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The SC1224 is a 15 kHz analog RGB monitor, which makes it suitable for the Atari ST range natively. If you fit it with the right cable, it can be used with an Amiga, possibly an Apple II, Acorn or any other system you can get RGB out of. If you have digital TTL RGBI, you need to convert it to analog signals in one way or another, e.g. a voltage divider or something more sophisticated.


Thus in theory you could get the 80 column output from a C128 to display on the SC1224, if you make the right cable and bring down the RGBI levels to the analog range. The C64 natively though only deals with S-Video converted to composite video, so for that purpose the SC1224 won't help you.




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I had the same monitor and in my experience the answer is unfortunately no. I use a nice 27 inch RCA CRT TV with my commodore computers (via composite) and I am more than fine with the picture quality. The composite out on these machines is quite good provided you are using an older CRT TV. I used to have a commodore 1084S monitor which was the bomb, but nowadays they are too expensive for me (especially the shipping as I can;t find any locally) and I am kind of used to a 27 inch screen :) Hit up craigslist if you don't have one and get a nice Trinitron, or RCA, or Toshiba, etc.

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