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FS: A bunch of misc stuff


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For sale:


Yurkie refurbished Colecovision controllers - Controllers look brand new and work like brand new. Completely refurbished by Yurkie with ball knobs and straightened cords. The refurbising was $20 per controller and I had to supply the controllers and pay shipping both ways, so I think $35 a controller (shipped) is a fair price. Take them both for $65 shipped and the carnival cart is thrown in for free. - SOLD


For the Wii U: Super Mario 3D World, Ninja Gaiden and a new Wii U clean and protect kit. Take it all for $25 shipped


Genesis Konami Justifier in excellent condition. $20 shipped


Gameboy Golf with cart case and a very clean original Gameboy battery cover. $10 shipped


One original Atari 2600 controller (tested and works fine) and a mystery cart - $12 shipped - SOLD


One NES dust cover and one SNES dust cover (purchased from oldjd). The NES cover has been cut in the NES plug areas so that the cover can go on without removing the hookups. The SNES cover is uncut/untouched. $20 shipped for both together.


Game Gear supreme 60-in-1 multicart. Lots of cool games on this one. I noticed quite a few Sega SG-1000 titles on this which is very cool. $40 shipped - SOLD


Atari 400/800/1200 etc SIO cable. This is new old stock and has never been used. Two free game manuals come with it. The SIO cable is used for connecting disk drives and SIO2PC adapters to the computer. $12 shipped


A bunch of RF adapters (two Nintendo brand, one Sega brand, one old style RF switchbox) and a Wii/Wii U composite cable - $15 shipped for it all


Wii Classic Controller (I believe you will be able to use this with the new NES Classic as well), one remove and one nunchuk. All in good working condition. $25 shipped takes it all


Logitech Playgear Pocket case for the original PSP (not slim) - The best case ever made imho for the PSP. The clamshell packaging is yellowed but this is brand new sealed. $20 shipped


Two Sony TV remotes - These came with Trinitron/Wega CRT TV's and shoudl work with any Sony CRT TV that uses a remote controller. One has a grey battery cover and one has a black battery cover. Both work fine. If you have a nice Trinitron and need a remote (and a spare) this is for you. $20 shipped takes them both.












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