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New Atari Lynx demo released - Jitter by Desire


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the cube part renderes into a sprite which then gets put on screen (3 sprites... 4x, 2x and 1x) to get the desired effect. so no palette is touched. so in theory I have no idea what causes the glitch except that rendering those 3 sprites take more time than 60 Hz?


and yeah. no double buffer if I remember correct as speedcode takes too much memory.

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I believe there is two different problems.


1) The palette effect causes Lynx I to turn to a black screen when the sequence with the ape starts.

2) The cube part crashes on Lynx 2 and I have no idea ow why.


The lack of double buffer explains the visual effects on the cube scene but not the reason of the crash.


What I would like to try out is the code without the fade before the apes to see if Lynx would also crash. Now the Lynx I goes on to the end with a black screen from the starting of the apes to the starting of the credits. Would it also crash if it was drawing the cubes?

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Yes, of course. I used my own 52 byte bootloader that does not initialize Suzy or Mikey. With a stock downloader showing a title picture you have some colours already.


Here is a small whipped up o-file 2 lnx-file recipe.



head --bytes=271 nothing.lnx > base.lnx
head --bytes=6 cube3.o > hdr.bll
tail --bytes=3 hdr.bll | head --bytes=1 >> base.lnx
tail --bytes=4 hdr.bll | head --bytes=1 >> base.lnx
tail --bytes=1 hdr.bll | head --bytes=1 >> base.lnx
tail --bytes=2 hdr.bll | head --bytes=1 >> base.lnx
size=`stat --printf="%s" cube3.o`
data=$(expr $size - 10)
tail --bytes=$data cube3.o >> base.lnx


The "nothing.lnx" file is any recent cart produced with cc65.


I created it from this:


#include <stdio.h>
void main() {}



cl65 -t lynx -o nothing.lnx main.c
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But if so one thing which as well drive me nuts is this ZP Makro Auto incrementing ZP Location... Never new why you need such Makro in assembler.


Matter of taste.

But mixing fixed addresses together with ZP macros is definitely a bad idea...


The overlap, well If I check your code you assign them the same offset!?


.o to .lyx:



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The Lynx 1 did just show a black screen.

The Lynx 2 showed a huge white rectangle that rotated on a black screen.

Mednafen showed 3 green squares rotating.


No crashes.


I created a lnx file as I could not find my upload cable.


What is this file ? I get a blank screen... ?

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