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First, you've to know the very first video game I played was Mouse Trap

Then as a kid, I had pretty much all Exidy games on Colecovision

2 years ago, I was checking defunct video games companies on the US government TM/® website

I was shocked to see that some defunct companies are STILL being protected, even today

In example, Ultra games is still being protected by Konami, even if they're not using the Ultra name/logo

I found a couple who are not protected, so I decided to take some companies names/logos I liked as kid

I took, Acclaim, LJN and Exidy

That was just for fun at first, but I had this idea to use them specifically

I didn't had the choice anyway, when you're buying defunct companies you MUST use them, otherwise you'll end up loosing them

Anyway, the whole process was overwhelming, luckily for us, John's brother is our lawyer, so that makes everything easier and way cheaper as well

Wait... you have Acclaim, as in Mortal Kombat Acclaim?

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