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Jaguar HSC Revamped, SEASON 9, ROUND 10


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Jaguar HSC Revamped, SEASON 9, ROUND 10

(Round Over)



Start from the very first web on Tempest 2000 mode (not Plus, and not Classic). Play until you get a Game Over.

If you are not familiar with the Jaguar HSC general rules and how the scoring system works, please visit this thread here: http://www.atariage....son-5-schedule/. It is recommended that you take a photo of your score, but it is not required. We go on good faith here, so please be honest.. icon_smile.gif

Tempest 2000 SCORES:
  • mckafka99 - 1,007,831(+10)
  • travistouchdown - 747,500(+8 )
  • masematte - 570,349(+6)
  • Spacey Invader - 512,644(+4)
  • Darrin9999 - 265,915(+2)
  • jblenkle - 35,026(+1)

The Current Jaguar HSC Rankings:
  • masematte - (74 pts)
  • mckafka99 - (60 pts)
  • travistouchdown - (58 pts)
  • Spacey Invader - (44 pts)
  • twoquickcapri - (26 pts)
  • JaguarGod - (20 pts)
  • Serblander - (18 pts)
  • Darrin9999 - (12 pts)
  • jblenkle - (5 pts)
  • roadrunner - (3 pts)
  • iceman - (1 pts)

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The 500 is an approximation. I was playing this game, paused it, popped and closed the lid to my Jag CD (don't ask why) and it reset my system. I feel like such an idiot and am so pissed but this is why I do not have a picture. Finished at over 1 million for a previous high score club so I am good for this score. Sorry guys. Will prove it if need be later on but took me over an hour and a half to get this score and just can't do it again right now.

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Mckafka holy crap nice. I just hit the yellow levels for the first time, any pointers?

Thanks! - Here are a few items that come to mind that I use while playing:


If you havent already done so - get a spinner control. :) and utilize the second control port for a regular controller for the Bacon Bonus level and the 'Psychadelic Halos' bonus levels.


Unless trying to skip over a particular web, I believe it is typically best NOT to finish a bonus level when going for points.


I've found that once in the yellow levels, it is really important to utilize peripheral vision and the sound queues (and sound timing) to be aware of when pulsars are going to fire off. This is important on earlier levels as well but starting with the yellow levels, it's critical.


Dont be afraid to flip your head upside down while playing on those levels where left/right - clockwise/counterclockwise appear to be reversed.


On those 'reverse' levels, as usual, get 'Jump' asap and then, if possible focus on keeping one set of far left or right lanes clear. Keep jumping off the grid, move out left/right clear what you can and then return back to the left/right corner before landing/jumping again. If I get caught in the middle on those levels, my motor coordination tends to lose the sense that things are reversed for those particular levels.


On the first Rainbow level, wait for the spinner heads to make it to the rim of the web (cant seem to kill them anyways as they come up) and then kill them as they flip onto your lane.


And the obvious ones - 1) At the start of a web, try to ascertain where the first enemies are going to be coming up by looking at the small dots in the distance and pre-fire into those lanes. 2) Get 'Jump' asap and stay off the grid when things get crazy.

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