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Rebooteroids Now Available


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Ok, I found a few more Rebooteroids Highscore Patches. Whoever gets a highscore for September in any of the 4 categories, wins a patch. Just send me a PM at the end of September*, and I will send you a patch. 



*Please ignore my(Machine) highscores for September.

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Rebooteroids is back in stock!




We had a new run of boxes printed for Rebooteroids after exhausting our first run of boxes.  These new boxes look great, and they are even offset printed versus the typical digital printing for most of our boxes.  We made some minor changes to the box, such as making the text on the back a bit larger so it's easier to read.  I have a small number of the boxes at the moment (which I used to make some copies of the game for last weekend's Portland Retro Gaming Expo), and I anticipate having the bulk of the boxes in about a week.  We also had a new run of manuals printed, and these are very sharp as well.


New orders for Rebooteroids will ship as soon as the boxes arrive, but I will get all the cartridges for orders built so I can ship them immediately upon arrival of the boxes.  :)



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14 minutes ago, UHATEIT said:

I was going to say the as thing, people will start selling off their first runs for more $ than the new run goes for. 


I've played a demo of this game, it looks nice. But is it better than Dizzy? The presentation on the dizzy box and cart look fantastic. 


If you like the classic arcade games, this is pure heaven! My favorite game (passed T2K for me).

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ZeroPage Homebrew is playing Rebooteroids as part of our Jaguar Rotary Controller Special (Part 1) on tomorrow's ZPH stream LIVE on Twitch, hope you can join us!






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This is simply the best Jaguar game ever.  Its the one I go back to over and over, tons of replay.


Hopes with R2:

Keep same music, its just so good.  The voices are awesome too.

Keep upgraded weapon from stage to stage

Stockpile upgraded weapons to use on the harder levels

Keep triangle ship, its just perfect.

Save after each level, sort of cheat to play the perfect game one stage at a time

2 player co-op in arcade mode same console or via LAN play (2 consoles)

Little bit easier than current game above level 50-60

Maybe bosses at level 25,50,75,100, but maybe not.


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Was part that and I use to be better when I played the game back in 2020.  I have a feeling most of the top 10 includes some extra shooting of the ship.

Example, the other day I got 205,900  = level 0-70, zero extra shooting of the ship.

In 2020 I got 224,100, again zero extra shooting of the ship.

I remember for the 335K it was best I ever played, so likely hit the 80s.

For those who don't know what harvesting is, when there is one rock left, shoot the ship, do this for all the levels as you play and you will have a higher score at the end of the game.


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