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Rebooteroids Now Available


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Well I moved this to a big tube tv(took it off my Plasma) and it looks great. I ended up moving a lot of the retro systems to the big tube tv, they look nice. I was not getting the cool background on the Plasma TV. Now it looks amazing. I am hooked on this game.


Power ups that reduce your opponents firing range would be cool in Kombateroids. Maybe in the updated version in 2020? ;)


Love this game!!!!!!!!


If you turn up the "Background Gamma" setting in the game, you should be able to see the backgrounds better on your Plasma TV.

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I'm absolutely gutted that having spent more on both versions of Rebooteroids, I had to then give £14.46 to customs/Royal Mail.


Sent on 8 December it finally was delivered in The Netherlands at 20 December at 21:32 in the evening. It must have been a busy day for our postman that he was that late, normally he delivers packages at my home in the afternoon.


The package spent 5 days! in custom clearance. And that cost me €6 in taxes and a whopping €13 for handling costs. Thus a total of €19 for making the postman handing over the package with one copy, that is even more then the £14.46 you paid for two copies. Together with the high USPS shipping costs this must the most I paid for a Jaguar game but it is still cheaper than certain other games cost on eBay :grin:



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Glad it arrived safely in The Netherlands...




No, not yet :( It arrived late and I needed to feed my baby daughter her last bottle before sleeping so I didn't even unpack the package yet. Hopefully I can try it this evening after work but babies take most of your free time :P


But maybe she turns out to be an Atari player as well and we can play Rebootroids in co-op mode together :D

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I have Christmas feeling today...thanks to all who are involved !! One of the best Jag games (ok im AsteroidFanboy) .

I like the music, the SFX and the gameplay is superb !!!

I hate the German custom , I must paid 36,45 Euro :-( !!




I don't know if I should like that or not... oh, what the hell! Enjoy!

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