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Wanted Atari 5200 System


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I can probably set you up. The problem is that shipping one of these monsters from California to Ohio is not cheap. Not to mention the value of a system with working controllers. PM me if you are interested and i can see what i have in my garage. I know i have at least one working system with hookups and i have controllers that i can get working by replacing the inner membrane (i have replacements). Some games as well. But like i said, this would not likely be a "budget" transaction.



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I have for sale - Atari 5200 Game Console Tested & Works. Comes with 2 non-working controllers, Track-Ball. Original Switch Box Needed For Power, Original power supply and 30 Game Cartridges that are also tested & Working with all directions in good condition. Controllers can be rebuilt or purchased for a reasonable fee. Games = Ballblazer, Beamrider, Berzerk, Centipede, Countermeasure, Defender, Dig Dug, The Dreadnaught Factor, Frogger, Galaxian, Gorf, Joust, Mario Bros, Missile Command, Moon Patrol, Pac-Man, Pole Position, Q*bert, Qix, Realsports Baseball, Realsports Soccer, Realsports Tennis, Rescue on Fractalus, River Raid, Robotron: 2084, Space Dungeon, Star Raiders, Super Breakout, Vanguard, Wizard of Wor - Original box for game and track-ball

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