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Wanted: Pink Panther repro, also Farmer Dan and Kara Sea.


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Wow, didn't notice that these got reproduced a year or so ago. Not sure by who or how. So I missed out on my shot to get one when they were made, apparently with a melody cart.


Anyway, if you'd have one for sale or trade let me know. Or just maybe you know how to make one... I just want my son to be able to play it on the 2600.



So just thought I'd put the word out for a Farmer Dan by Zellers and a Kara Sea which is a pal cart by somebody and actually a Strategy X rom. My name is Dan and my wife's is Kara, so go novelty value for us, and hard to find these rare carts.


Anyway, please reply or pm if you can. Thanks.



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Thanks for the reply. Special hardware... yipes. Coming from you too this sounds like a daunting project and all the details are shrouded in mystery, technical and otherwise. I don't have access to one to duplicate in the first place. Well so much for my hopes of owning and playing one.


I just wish I knew about this when this project was being done. I've been on the lookout for this game for well over a decade. I still don't even know who actually did this project, and such a limited run and only once.

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I think that 2600 Pink Panther is an excellent game. And I'm very happy that I have a copy of it.


If I may?...(trying to be fair & respectful to a certain someone here now whenever I post whereas to maintain our newfound truce :)


...I would assume that anything melody can do, harmony can also do...???...


...therefore, I would assume that the only reason the rom data is not yet shareware is because of either a fear of legal problems (unlikely) or because the original purchaser(s) / investor(s) of the original proto have yet to be fully & properly compensated for their time, talent, & treasure. (more likely)...

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I don't know about the rom being usable with a Melody, or Harmony, or the details therein or thereof.


One thing I've discovered since starting this post is the The Pink Panther is one very weird and mysterious cart/rom. I still don't fully understand it, but the cartridge itself has some kind of strange chip on it (ram/rom on one chip?), that apparently even now is in extremely limited supply. If there was a way to get this to work with a Melody, it must be dang hard because even the gurus here seem to shiver at the idea. I don't have the rom besides.


I suppose I can pass on at least one comment in regards to the idea of getting this game to work on a cart, and that is simply... "good luck".


Anyway, happy to report my quest for "The Pink Phink" has come to a happy end after a landmark negotiation. So I'm not looking for that anymore... but still keeping my eye out for a Kara Sea, Farmer Dan, and a Stacker (in fact I think I'll start a new wanted post).


Thanks to everyone involved!

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I have played it.

I know it has lots of extra ram.

I can't tell what the ram is used for, except probably for the de-materializing effect (think Star Trek transporter) where the Pink Panther is supposed to be using the elevator.


Aside from that effect, it was a simple enough game that could probably be recreated in batari Basic, unless there is more to the game I didn't get to play.

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