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Vecmulti problem with Madtronix 3D imager

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Received a Madtronix imager today (yay!). Fired up the Vectrex with it plugged into port 2. From my Veccmulti, repeatedly tried to load any 3D games. Title screen comes up, wheel starts spinning and...black. Nothing. Funny thing is, if I don't plug in the imager, the (rather unplayable) game comes up.


Anyone else had this problem? Any recommendations?

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Have you checked the ROMs for the 3D games, and whether they needed patching for flash use?


Although given you get something when trying to run the game without the imager plugged in, suggests something maybe up with your port two. You shouldn't get anything without the imager plugged in, just a blank screen.

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you have to make sure the sticker on the wheel is facing the vectrex.


Ha! Go figure--I had the sticker facing me [facepalm]. I will try again when I get home


Probably would have helped if there were instructions with it. Ironically, there is text on the device saying "READ MANUAL BEFORE USING". Anybody seen instructions online?

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That's another good point, about the side of the colour wheel.


John mentioned recently that he knows the manual is now gone, he had it on his old website.



Getting started:
-The color wheel's white index strip is always faced towards the Vectrex.
-The white calibration wheel may be installed between imager and wheel on or top of the wheel (usually works best)
-The imager is to be plugged into port two of the Vectrex
-Enjoy your games.


If the wheel is starting up and then stopping, then it does suggest to me you've got it the wrong way around and the device is halting because it can't calibrate properly as it begins.

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On 10/8/2019 at 1:29 PM, Gilles_B said:

wow. Years later, this thread saved me. I thought I had a big problem. Pfew... Now the original 3D games work, but 3DLOTR doesn't. I need to take apart my VecMulti and see if this fix will help.

In your usage of 3D LOTR with either the Madtronix or GCE 3D Imager, consider that this game can use either the Minestorm color wheel for 3D operation, the Narrow Escape/Crazy Coaster color wheel for 3D operation, or no wheel for 2D only operation.  However, the color wheel (disc) used must still be matched to the menu choice made.

The color wheel choice is selected in the game's main menu using controller buttons.

Button 1 for Wheel 1 uses the Minestorm Wheel.

Button 2 for Wheel 2 uses the Narrow Escape/Crazy Coaster Wheel.

Button 3 for 2D only does not use any wheel.    

Button 4 starts the game with the selected color wheel / 2D choice,


IMG_20160819_073036 (1).jpg

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