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SIO2SD newbie


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I just got my Atari 800xl and it's been over 10 yrs. I forgot how to even load it until I watched a youtube video.


My 1050 doesn't work anymore. I still have several disks. I read about the SIO2SD. Can someone help me and explain how it works? What do I need to get it started if I purchase one. Do I still need a 1050?


Btw, I'm interested to know if Alternate Reality works too.



Thanks. Been a long time since I posted.

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It's a disk emulator. You put disk images (*.atr) or even executables (*.xex) files on a fat formatted (Windows) SD card, from your PC/Mac.


The SD card then goes in the Sio2sd, and using is buttons and built in display, choose which disks are in which drives (D1 thru D8). It's like having eight 1050s, only a lot faster.


You can also find 16MB disk images loaded with games (even AR). Search this forum.

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Congratulations on the 800XL and welcome!


The SIO2SD is a very simple device to use. You format the SD card on your PC using the FAT32 filesystem and then you load images (XFD and ATR) on it. These are widely available on the Internet.; Google is your friend. Then, you put the SD card into the SIO2SD and connect it to the SIO port of your 800XL. Please be sure the Atari is OFF when you connect the SIO2SD to it. Once it's connected, turn the Atari ON.


The SIO2SD has a few buttons and a text screen by which you will load the aforementioned images into drive devices (D1:, D2:, etc). It also supports a couple of hard drive device slots (H1:, H2:) which can hold images up to 16MB in size! I believe these have to be used with MyDOS and SpartaDOS. Not entirely sure. In any case, configure your disk images into the devices you want, cold boot the Atari, and "wallah!".


The SIO2SD is much easier in the doing than in the telling, There are a few nuances to its use, but they are well covered. In my opinion, the SIO2SD is the very first and most easily and immediately useful upgrade that one can make to their 8-Bit Atari configuration.

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