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New7800HSC-Season 1 Game 4: Robotron: 2084


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There definitely needs to be a thread for overall club standings.


That's a really unique and cool control setup! It'd be really interesting to find out what all the people playing Robotron this week are using to control it. Going the twin stick route definitely requires some creativity with any setup. Since I'm playing the game via emulation on the Wii I'm using the twin thumb sticks on the Wii's Classic Controller to play, which aren't quite as nice as proper dual arcade sticks but they still work pretty well.


I noticed that the Mario Bros. score list hasn't been updated too. I'm guessing Mister-VCS just hasn't had time to do it yet, but I'm sure he'll get around to updating the Mario Bros. scores and overall standings before too long. :)



updates coming soon!

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Done! I guess this round is not oyama's round...

YEAH, I'm not very good at Robotron 2084 (ALL categories!!), and my coordination level is low.

Mister-VCS would guess this round is ideal for S.BAZ, who is considered an EXPERT Robotron player.


During the Atari 5200 / 7800 Worldwide Trophy Cracking Competition at HighScore.com (Jan 30 - April 3, 2016), I decided to set low scores for the 5200 version of Robotron 2084, and therefore give an opportunity to Deteacher / S.BAZ crack a worldwide trophy, including mine. I obtained the following scores for 5200 Robotron 2084:


Level 0: 94,400 (TOP 456,650 by S.BAZ)

Level 1: 74,100 (TOP 147,625 by S.BAZ)

Level 2: 21,950 (TOP 254,375 by S.BAZ)

Level 3: 30,825 (TOP 158,175 by S.BAZ)

Level 4: 21,725 (TOP 66,075 by S.BAZ)

Level 5: 13,950 (TOP 23,050 by S.BAZ)

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