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FujiSkunk's Hopelessly Convoluted, Fabulous Holiday Contest!


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TL;DR Version: Guess games and win prizes! Everyone who guesses has a chance to win, even if the guess isn't right!


Greetings, AtariAgers! After dealing with a mystery Parker Brothers cartridge and a mystery Activision cartridge, I find myself once again in possession of cartridges without names. That's right, now I have more more than one! For this contest there are three mystery portable Nintendo games, waiting to be named and claimed. Behold:




I know what you're thinking. "Guessing from around 20 or even 40 possibilities is one thing. How the heck is anyone supposed to guess from among the hundreds of Game Boy and DS cartridges?" That's a good question, and the answer is: I didn't say this was going to be an easy contest! However, in the spirit of Christmas and the holiday season, I promise there will be at least one winner, even if nobody guesses correctly. The convoluted contest rules are forthcoming, but first, let me direct your attention to some clues that might make guessing easier. First, note the Game Boy cartridge on the left. The color suggests it is actually a Game Boy Color release, but one that can be played on the original Game Boy. Next, observe the Game Boy Advance cartridge in the middle. Notice how the label wasn't completely torn away, and that small patch of color in the upper right may narrow down the list of potentials. No such luck with the last cartridge, I'm afraid, but I can at least confirm it is in fact a DS game, cartridge model NTR-005.


And now, the convoluted contest rules:


The first person to guess all three games correctly will win the games plus $50 of games from my for-sale lists, with up to $50 in free shipping! That means the winner can select as many dollar and fifty-cent items as desired (at least until they add up to $50) without worrying about the shipping robbing the value of "free". Of course the winner will not be limited to the cheapies, and can opt for whatever he or she likes from the thrift-store consoles list and portables list, and from my personal for-sale list. Rest assured the thrift store will still be compensated for any games selected from those lists.


If nobody guesses all three games, the first person to guess any two games correctly will win $15 of games from my for-sale lists, with up to $15 in free shipping! Here's where it gets a bit convoluted. Since there are three possible pairs of games, that means there could be three 2-game winners. In that event, the first 2-game winner can opt whether to keep the two games he or she guessed. The next 2-game winner can select from what's left, and the third 2-game winner will have the final option. This is also how I'll offer dibs on the games in the for-sale lists. The first winner (ordered by guess submission time) will get first choice, and so on.


If any game remains unclaimed after searching for 3-game and 2-game winners, the first person to guess any one unclaimed game will win that game plus $5 of games from my for-sale lists, with up to $5 in free shipping! Here's where it gets a little more convoluted. We could have a 2-game winner and a 1-game winner, or we could have three 1-game winners. We can't have two 2-game winners and a 1-game winner because for there to be two unique 2-game winners, all three games would have to be guessed correctly in some combination between those two winners. At any rate, any single games that weren't guessed by multiple-game winners will go to those who had good timing and guessed that one game right. Just like above, in the event of multiple winners, the first winner ordered by guess submission time will get first dibs on the spoils.


In addition to any correct guesses, a random guesser will also be selected to win $25 of games from my for-sale lists, with up to $25 in free shipping! Correctly guessing any of the games will not remove you from the random pool. That means one lucky winner could get as much as $75 in games! But whatever the case, you have a chance to win as long as you enter!


One guess to a guesser, please. One guess means a set of three names, one for each mystery cartridge. Feel free to edit your guess if you change your mind before the deadline. And speaking of deadlines...


The contest will end on 11:59:59 Thanksgiving night Central Standard Time (six hours behind GMT), and the winner(s) will be announced on Black Friday. See, now you have something to look forward to besides insane store hours, empty store shelves and irate fellow shoppers!


Questions? Hit me with 'em. Otherwise, start guessing!

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The stakes have risen!


After thinking through my cunning convoluted plan a little more, I realized I had the odds stacked a little unfairly against those who might have an idea what the games are. So, rather than award a random prize only if no games are guessed correctly, the random prize will be awarded no matter how many games are guessed correctly, and any correct guessers will still have a chance for the random award. That means one really smart and really lucky winner could score $75 in free games! But whatever happens, everyone who enters now has a chance to win!

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Time to announce the winners! I didn't know what the games were either before today, but now the mystery will be revealed!


The Game Boy Color game is... Game & Watch Gallery 3!


The Game Boy Advance game is... That's So Raven 2: Supernatural Style!


The DS game is... Madden NFL 09!


wongojack, you were this close to getting the DS game right! Don't feel too bad though, because you won the random drawing, so you're picking up any $25's worth of games you'd like from any of my for-sale lists! Congrats!


Thanks to all who entered the contest. I'll see if I can't find an easier cartridge to guess next time!


Random name picker courtesy of andrew.hedges.name.

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