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Wanted: Commodore C64C (FOUND!)


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I am looking for a C64C unit in great shape. Not cracked or yellowed. No missing keys. And works 100% obviously. When I went to toys r us back in the eighties to buy one as it was what was on display, but when I went to the pickup counter they handed me a breadbox model. While that was fine (and I ran my BBS off of that unit for years) I always wondered how it would have been had I been handed what I expected I would have gotten. I probably should have told them it was not what I paid for, but at the time a C64 was a C64 and I needed a replacement for my bulletin board.


I see them online in various states (especially ebay) but I would rather like to obtain one from a collector that knows the machine and won't sell me some garbage that has been sitting in a wet garage somewhere. Just a nice C64C to compliment my nice C128 unit. I only need the computer itself, but if you have the box and accessories (manuals/psu/etc) and want to part with the whole thing I am in for it. Not looking to spend a million dollars, but a fair price.


I know a lot of commodore 64 enthusiasts despise this model as it has the "updated" SID chip that has some sound issues, but I am not concerned with that. I would just like what looks to me the "baby brother" of the C128 sitting next to my C128 doing its thing :)


PM if you have one to offer and PM with pictures if you can. Thanks!

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My brief research into the C64 land discovered that the 64C came in multiple flavors. I thought the very first units used the same board as the C64. I could be wrong on that. Here is site that discusses the motherboard versions.



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