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Nintendo banning Pokemon 3ds pirates


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Thought this was interesting... Nintendo is now completely banning online access on 3DS systems that were playing pirated copies of Pokemon Sun & Moon before it was officially released. No more online play, eshop access, etc.


They should have started doing this years ago on DS and Wii... so many thieves have been stealing new release Nintendo games for the last 10+ years.





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I know Microsoft has done the same thing for years, and I wouldn't be surprised if Sony does it too. I suspect it's effective.


Nintendo's house, Nintendo's rules. "You lost access to your purchased stuff? Too bad. Ever since we caught you stealing from us, we have decided you're not the kind of customer we need or want. Goodbye."


I wonder what the numbers look like? I would guess the pirate numbers are infitesimal compared to paying customers. It gets press because it's "news" when Nintendo enforces its rules.

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I don't think this is about bootleg cartridges, but rather downloads, right?


Those who are swapping their hardware with retail stores are pond scum, and should be banned from making retail returns if caught.


Don't you have to show ID to get a refund at places like GameStop or Target? I thought the big game sellers scanned the serial numbers of system returns. It would be a PITA to track someone down for doing this, let alone prosecuting for fraud, but it's too bad these restrictions have to be in place.


Stuff like this helps me understand why Nintendo doesn't have an account system like most other companies in digital. (I think it's a deliberate business decision, not just stupid incompetence)

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They should have started doing this years ago on DS and Wii...

They did: I bought a supposedly new copy of Tetris for the DS as a gift for someone. It came in a thicker clear plastic case and the label was slightly discolored. It played fine locally but it would be rejected when you tried to play online.


This restriction might have been a "per game" situation.

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