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EPROM Cart / Donkey Kong 32K ?


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Bought this local along with a few other Atari items. Seems to be a pirated Donkey Kong and EPROM cart? I really don't see any different or odd Atari items in my area so for me its a pretty interesting find for my collection. Some of the back story is I bought it from an older gentleman (I am 43) who used to own a local drug store. He said when video games were "big" the store sold some video game items. He has been cleaning out the garage and said this is part of the stores inventory. Guess that's were I get confused, does not seem like something a drug store would sell or rent? Also wanted to know what the jumpers might be for? Also thought it was interesting that it said 32K? When I play it seems to be your standard Coleco Donkey Kong. Thanks for you feedback.






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Depending on the jumper settings you can use the board for 2k games with a single 2716 (16Kbit) eprom, or 4k games using either a single 2732 (which is your case) or 2 2716 (there are pads to install another socket in the upper part of the board).

By looking at the board, these should be the jumper settings:

 _     _
|o|o o|o|   2k game
| |   | |   1x2716 eprom
|o|o o|o|
|_|   |_| 

   _   _
 o|o|o|o|   4k game
  | | | |   2x2716 eproms
  |_| |_| 

 _   _
|o|o|o|o    4k game
| | | |     1x2732 eprom
|_| |_| 

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