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Many, many heart-felt thanks. Reading the write-ups for the unreleased and unfinished games makes me feel like a kid again, drooling over game catalogs and the backs of game boxes.


Also, I love the line in the section about "Adventure", how the narrator is too polite to ask what this guy was doing in a tomb.


I like the part where the adventurer can only take on the next mission if they are courageous and rich to buy Mattel's next cartridge. :lol:

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This is about as exciting as leafing through a new INTV catalog. I wonder how many of these games will have ROMs turn up.


I should have known Super Tennis also had ECS multiplayer. The final releases, Championship Tennis and World Cup Soccer, had that feature stripped out, unfortunately.


I'm very curious what kind of game Adventure would have turned out to be. There is no way it would have fit into an 8K ROM if it's the kind of game I first thought it would be. Maybe some kind of interactive "Choose Your Own Adventure Book" that gives the player choices and then refers to numbered passages in a huge booklet? Speculation about what this would have been might be as fun as reading through all that text again.

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