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To the Awesome Children of the 80's


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Here is a photo I took of the most recent game Papa has started making.

I'm psyched because the characters are big enough to be able to tell who they are and it has that feel of nostalgia.


(I regret asking my cousin what Skeletor's staff was for because, according to him, it was for hitting me on the head.)


Can't wait to see Battle Cat!



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Once someone can make the Robotech sprites. I would like to take a stab at a game. I am big fan of Robotech as well. To include the non English versions. Yea Papa does makes some nice games.


Macross is one of the games on his list that he wants to make! :-) It seems almost impossible on a 2600 but it will be a mix of Space Harrier II and Afterburner. The project codename will probably be Robobeard: Space Harrier III--The Space Hairiest. ;-)


If you want a good Macross/Robotech game (one that understands the futility of endless hover, recharging missiles, and sniper missions with regards to realism as presented in Robotech), then you should try Macross for the PS2 (you'll need to be able to play Japanese PS2 games, but it excels in realism!).

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So far, he's got a title screen with "Motu" looking like it's inhaling and exhaling with Orko as the selector for the two modes of gameplay: "toon" or "book". Toon will have gameplay that resembles the cartoon and Book will have gameplay that resembles the earlier comics/minibooks.


I, personally, prefer Teela as a blonde, so I'm hoping that difference will be included.

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