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So I got to thinking about DS games. And one of the ones I thought about was Polarium. I discussed Polarium as a good title to port to the game.com. But since nobody is ever going to, I've decided to try to port it to the Atari 2600. I have a start. I think I successfully have the moving around the grid part done. In this version, the squares blink off when you go over them, sort of like in Polarium (except in the Polarium games, it waits until you press A to actually turn the squares.) Since there is no good way to track the cursor, I made it so it flips it automatically. Next what I would need is a check and see if you did it thing. I doubt I could make it check every time you moved the cursor (too little processing time), so I'm thinking of having the player press the fire button when they are done. And if the player screws up somehow, they can just flip the reset switch and start the certain board anew. I'd like it to be an 8k game with the game code in the first 4k and the boards in the separate, second 4k bank. So we'll see where it goes from here.

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