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Bestbuy rumor more Nintendo Mini stock in time for back friday...


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The other threads are crowded. Anybody wanting one might not have time to sift through all the pages and read. And there is only 1 more day left so we need to call separate attention to this. The same way we did when somebody got one and there was a separate thread.


I agree, you should make separate threads for every single big box store and their stock status. It would be greatly appreciated. :thumbsup:

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Again, didn't you say to just buy a real NES instead?


I was just comparing the cost. 60 dollars versus a real nintendo and all the 30 games. Real is better. The mini has sound issues. And somebody said lag once. But real does not have save states. And 60 dollars versus 500 + or so. So few issues but 60 is the better deal by far.

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I went to bestbuy tonight. They were open til 1am. They said no new stock and not sure when. I was going to get the 99 dollar 3ds but they were sold out. Then he said 1 left. I said not sure. Few on ebay but not crazy like this mini nintendo. And they had more at other stores. But I was not sure. So he said he will hold it and I will decide. Then I said ok I will buy it. But they could not find it. Then I asked him and he asked somebody. They said they gave it to somebody else. He said he told them to hold it but they did not know it was for me and gave it to somebody else. I was pissed off but they looked and its not even sold out. Other stores had a few left. And its not worth. The 99 dollar will close to 150. Because it does not even come with a game. So I am skipping it.

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