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Apple IIe (Hot-Rod) trade?


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Always wanted to play with an STE. (Or even an ST for that matter).


I'm new to atariage and don't know if anybody here is into Apple IIs, but I have a hot rod IIe I would like to trade for a 1040STE or even maybe a 520STE.


Here it is:

Platinum Apple IIe (Case is VERY CLEAN)

-Transwarp IIe accelerator (1mhz, 1.7mhz, or 3.6mhz speeds)

-Ramworks II w/ 1mb ram

-Mouse interface card (no mouse)

-2x5.25" Disk Drives (nice to have another card for transferring/copying images from something like a FLOPPY-EMU)

-ATX power supply (the accelerator and ram made short work of the weak old PS)


Some things I could send along for your nerding pleasure)

-Working spare motherboard

-Working non-apple composite monitor

-2x working language cards

-working spare keyboard


-2xnon-working power supplys (just incase you want to recap)


This thing is great way to hop into Apple II world and have a nice unit w/ a couple of fairly rare cards to boot. With a mouse, floppy-emu, and chuck a mockingboard clone in and you have a "Ultimate IIe." Maybe even a zilog card ;)


Looking for an Atari 1040 STE, 520STE or maybe even an Amiga 600.


... Might be able to use a Mac PDS IIe card.



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