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So I was up late again last night. I had one of my patented eyeaches again, so was working with that. I had made a song for Frank the Fruit Fly, but it was all scratchy and wasn't working very well. I inadvertently found out the reason why: I was making the poor GB work too hard. So I changed all the int variables to chars and, lo and behold, it sounded a lot better, but the notes were off. I don't know how, but I changed the notes to make them sound better. That took an hour or so of coding and testing and recoding. So yay. Now the title screen has a song. For those who care, I made a website for all my GB projects (read: Frank the Fruit Fly, for now). You can find it here: http://www.atari2600land.com/gameboy/stupid.html
I woke up shortly before 1pm, so I missed the parade. Was it any good? Happy (rest of) Thanksgiving.

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