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Solve Message for Prize!


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I'm in the GIVING mood today..


But you have to work for it.


So here it is.


Decipher this message and then tell me what the significance is. (it's not too hard. I promise!)


First 3 winners will get disk images with all of the SHIFT838's Tunnels of Doom games to date via e-mail.


Prize: Medieval Games I, II and III


Send me a PM here with your answers.


Message: 424F4C542D313137


Hint: It has something to do with Texas Instruments!



Game Details:


15 games total. I usually sell these and they cannot be distributed. So each winner will have a licensed copy.


Details on the games below:



Tunnels of Doom games I created from 1988-1991 for the TI-99/4A Tunnels of Doom cartridge.
Scroll of Aziati
Your princess has had a death spell casted upon her. Your only hope is to find the scroll of Aziati before the suns light stops shining upon her and read the magic spell to release her.
Castle Drakov
It is the longest night! As you know this is when all evil presence come to life. Find the cross and stake used to kill Count Drakov, the leader of the vampires. If you fail you become one!!!
Revenge of Count Drakov
Count Drakov has risen once again from a single drop of fine blood. Retrieve the map to his crypt, a stake, and the mallet to destroy him once again or become part of his clan forever!
Cure of the Anakanda (spelled wrong purposely)
Anakanda, king of the snake gods has cursed your city. For the past 7000 years. Find the magic scroll to break the curse and set your city free or suffer the fate of the great Anakanda!!
Dungeon of Death
You have insulted the great wizard Merlin. He has placed you in his worst fate, the dungeon of death! Find the two power keys to unlock the last doors & escape with your life or die!
Forbidden Land
On your quest you have come across the Forbidden Land, but you are entrapped within this land. The only way out is to find the magic amulet and teleport yourself back home or be imprisoned forever.
Curse of the Mummy
The mummy, Drakken, has been arisen from his tomb & is causing holy terror. Find the vial of holy water and the burning tea leaves to return Drakken back to his dark tomb and never to return!
The Longest Night
The evil wizard Berndar, has cast a spell to freeze time, so he can rule your kingdom. Find his two spell books to break his spell and set your kingdom free, or die under his evil rule!!!
The Medallion of Power
The evil wizard, Zakna, has stolen Merlin’s Medallion of Power. Recover it and all your dreams of wealth will be fulfilled and Merlin will be in your debt forever.
Chambers of the Evil Priest
Up to 4 players can enter my dungeon but some will not survive. Find the Magic sword & dagger before the evil priest finds them & drains their magic to kill you!
Revenge of the Evil Priest
You have defeated the evil priest, but now he has teleported you back to his new lair. You have to find his power staff and magic wand to defeat him on your journey through his castle.
Scroll of Infinite Wisdom
Your quest is a simple one, find the two scrolls of infinite wisdom. This will enable you to succeed your father’s throne, as he is dying. Without the scroll the kingdom will fall the fate of evil.
The Secret of Acropolis
The legend of Acropolis states “within is the fountain of life, eternal life”. Retrieve the map and unlock the secret of Acropolis to prove that the legend is true!
The Eyes of Surya
Anshar has stolen the eyes of Surya for her power staff. She will cause holy terror throughout the universe if she is able to use their power. Recover them and save the universe from her evil doom!
Quest for the Golden Sword
Wizard Reknuk has stolen the magical Golden Sword of ASI. Retrieve the sword before he drains its magic and conquers this world or become his slave for eternity.
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We have another winner!.. BUT.....


So, 00WReX sent a correct response. He has graciously said to give his prize to the next correct winner since he does not have a disk system and does not do emulation.


So the next winner will get a copy and if 00WReX ever decides he want's the games because he has expanded his system with Disk, Nano/CF7, etc. or just wants them he will get his copy as well.


It's good to see a fellow TI'er 'Paying it forward' !


So there is still one left.

Edited by Shift838
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Thanks to all that participated..




The message was: 424F4C542D313137


Which decodes via HEX as 'BOLT-117'


The Texas Instruments BOLT-117 (BOmb, Laser Terminal-117), retrospectively redesignated as the GBU-1/B (Guided Bomb Unit)[1] was the world's first laser-guided bomb (LGB). It consisted of a standard M117 750-pound bomb case with a KMU-342 laser guidance and control kit. This consisted of a gimballed laser seeker on the front of the bomb and tail and control fins to guide the bomb to the target. These latter used the bang-bang method of control where each control surface was either straight or fully deflected. This was inefficient aerodynamically, but reduced costs and minimized demands on the primitive on-board electronics.
A 497th TFS F-4D with two BOLT-117s at Ubon Royal Thai Air Force Base, 1971.
It was commissioned by the United States Air Force in 1967 and successfully completed a combat evaluation in 1968. The Weapon System Officer in the back seat of a F-4 Phantom II fighter bomber used a hand-held Airborne Laser Designator to guide the bombs, but half of the LGBs hit their targets despite the difficulties inherent in keeping the laser on the target. Placement of the control surfaces on the rear of the bomb proved to be less than ideal as it limited the ability of the fins to control the bomb's trajectory. Only a limited number of BOLT-117 bombs were produced before it was discontinued in favour of the more accurate Paveway I family of guidance kits that moved the control fins to the front of the bomb.
The impact of the BOLT-117 on aerial warfare was revolutionary. Laser guidance kits turned standard "dumb" ordnance into "smart bombs," yielding a 100-fold increase in effectiveness compared with free-falling, unguided bombs.
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