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One of the things I wanted to do with the game I'm making for the Game Boy is have sound on the intro screens. I successfully incorporated two tones on each of the screens. Making a Sega-type chime (like when you power up a Master System.) Instead of the G-E notes, like Sega's, I decided to go with G-C. Why? Because I took the note frequencies from the title screen and pasted them in. This took a half-hour. And another 15 minutes to post it on my website. Stupid thing keeps wanting me to log in periodically, every time I go in. The login screen appears several times while I'm going through my folders and trying to upload stuff, which is really annoying. I also took advantage of the Everdrive Black Friday sale and saved 20% off a new Everdrive GB. I could have sworn they used PayPal, but that option is gone and the only thing left to pay with is via credit card. So in a few weeks I'll be able to test my Game Boy creation on a real Game Boy. (or Game Boy Color.) So what will you do in Frank the Fruit Fly? To be honest, I haven't thought that far ahead. I thought I was going to quit because I wasn't able to put music in. But I got the music in. I guess the easiest thing to do is to make a Zelda-like game, where you explore. As a fruit fly. Powerups could be the occasional fruit to restore Frank's life meter. I had begun work on a similar project on the Virtual Boy (if you recall, it was called "Pineapple 64"). But I stopped. I wonder if I can make the Game Boy save your progress. I think Pokemon saves progress, as well as Super Mario Land 2. So I know the Game Boy has the capability. I just wonder if the Everdrive does. If not, then I can just emulate it, I think, using my favorite Game Boy emulator, BGB. One thing I would like to change, though, is the font. I want the traditional Game Boy font, not some weirdo look-alike (I'm very picky.) But, at least I got the title screen done.

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