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xbox ones, ps4 slim, neo geo games, Jaguar NES game boxes/manual


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I have

3 minecraft xbone bundles -300

3 gears 4 1tb bundles -350

1 ps4 slim uncharted bundle -300

all new if you want them they are at cost with free US shipping

offers welcome, especially if you want more that one


I am also going to be selling 3 of my big neo geo games all three are complete aes home carts, cart, box manual and that oh so important baggy,

Garou Mark of the Wolves 1100 jpn

SVC chaos, US cart 750

Samurai Shodown 5, 750 jpn


hate to sell the neo games, but student loans and all

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Where these the black friday deals or something?

no ebay gave me that 50 dollar off coupon repeatedly, hence I can take offers

If someone wants all of the xboxes I could go with 310 * 3 and 270*3, shipped to the US, I'll ship internationally as well,

individual unit losts I'll go is 325 on the 1 tb, 290 on 500 gb

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NES boxes all shipped to the US

Super C, box manual and all inserts 40

Silk Worm, box manual inserts 25

Nes Open box manual inserts 15

Mission Impossible box manual inserts 15

lunar pool box manual inserts 10

jaws box only 7


Complete nes games

mike tyson's punchout 75

tetris 20

Double Dribble, Fighting Golf, Jeopady (no manual), baseball no manual, damage to back of box, lunar pool 40


Jaguar Boxes/manuals/inserts

Super Burnout 25

Fight for life 30

Zool 2 15

Ruiner Pinball 20

Dragon 15

Trevor Mc Fur no manual 10

Bubsy no manual no insert 7

Raiden no manual 15

Alien v Predator box, manual insert and 1 overlay 30



Nintendo Power Set with Blinking light win installed complete in box 150

Nintendo with blinking light win, super mario duck hunt 90

both have 2 controllers ac/rf all official nintendo

nes cart only

super mario bros 2 20 2 avaialble

zelda 2 gold 25

Bubble bobble 25


misc nintendo games 9 games and 3 quick shot controllers marble madness, ljn baseball, paper boy, excite bike festers quest tc surf tetris top gun 2 50


sega cd mounting plates 1 sega cd 1, 2 sega cd 2 available

15 each




















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