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2600 HSC Ideas for Season 6


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Season 6 will be my first season actively participating in the Atari 2600 HSC every week, so forgive me if any of these games have been played to death already, but here's a little list of 15 games I think it could be fun to play:




Crystal Castles


Ladybug (Homebrew)

Lead (Homebrew)

Mario Bros.

Millipede Trak-Ball (Hack)

New Pac-Man 8k Version (Homebrew)

Robot Tank

Smurf: Rescue in Gargamel's Castle

Starmaster (On Starmaster difficulty)

Venture II: The Abysmal Abyss (Hack)

Wall Jump Ninja (Homebrew)

Wolfenstein VCS: The Next Mission (Hack)

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Kangaroo (Advanced)

Moon Patrol

Galaxian (with Galaxian Arcade as bonus)

Space Invaders (Game 9)

Chopper Command (Game 1-AA for regular scores and Extreme Settings for bonus - Game 3-AA and 1 LIFE ONLY)

Riddle of the Sphinx

Rainbow Invaders (homebrew)

Seaquest (Difficulty A)

The Music Machine (paddle)

Guardian (paddle)

Pole Position

Q*Bert's Qubes


Wizard of Wor

Cosmic Creeps


China Syndrome

Bank Heist


Off The Wall

Secret Quest

Deadly Duck (Game 4)



Beany Booper

Snoopy and the Red Baron

Miner 2049er Volumes 1 and 2 (Combined Score = Miner 2049er V1 score + Miner 2049er V2 score)

Go Fish (homebrew)

Rescue Terra I

Spy Hunter

Reindeer Rescue (homebrew)

Solar Plexus (homebrew)


Frogs & Flies

Edtris (homebrew)

Threshold (Difficulty A)

Air Raid (Men-A-Vision - Difficulty BB for regular scores and AA for bonus)

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HSC Season 5 Week 17: Cosmic Commuter


If we were to play Cosmic Commuter, it'd have to be game 2, even then I could see a lot of people rolling it or just getting sick of it and quitting. I love the game but once you get the hang of it it's awfully easy.


Moon Patrol, Enduro, Entombed, Jawbreaker, Fast Eddie, Crazy Climber and Bump n Jump haven't been played for a while.


For never been played: Music Machine, Bumper Bash, Cakewalk


Homebrews: Wall Jump Ninja, Crazy Balloon, A-VCS-Tec Challenge

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If we play Fast Food, I will give a special idea for Bonus Game - play the 7800 version of Fast Food, named FAT AXL


The special reason: I received 2 cartridges for Atari 7800 together with an Edladdin Super 78 Joystick, which I won from the last High Score Official Competition (Summer Contests 2016). These cartridges are Scammer Brawler and Fat Axl.





Barnstorming (Game 3 for regular scores and Game 4 for bonus)

Cosmic Commuter (Game 2)

Laser Blaster (Game 4)

River Raid 2

Space Treat Deluxe (homebrew)



Chase the Chuck Wagon

Communist Mutants from Space

Journey Escape



Pigs in Space

Planet Patrol

Roc N Rope

Sir Lancelot

Sorcerer's Apprentice


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Here is my list of games I would like to see played:



Crazy Climber


Solar Fox

No Escape




Commando Raid


Private Eye

Pressure Cooker

Tax Avoiders

Jr Pac-Man

Moon Patrol

Crystal Castles


Raft Rider



Missile Command



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My bonus idea at the opening of Season 6:


Post a picture of your Atari VCS Console SERIAL NUMBER.

To be eligible to get bonus points, your console MUST be an original Atari-made console, which can be 2600/VCS (including 2600 Jr.) or 7800 ProSystem - NO 3rd-party systems (Sears, Dactar, Coleco Gemini etc.) or Expansion Module.


And two more suggestions:


Bowling (Combined Score = Game 1 score + Game 3 score + Game 5 score)

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Hi all. I am new to these forums, and I came across this. It seems like it would be cool and definitely something I would like to get in on. A couple of questions though if you do not mind. How many weeks do you do this? And what if I do not own or have access to some of the weekly games? Could I still play during other weeks? Thanks!!


Oh, btw, I am not sure what games you have done in the past, but I think both Demon Attack and Phoenix have always been good ones for 'competition'play.

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While Season 6 of the NEW 2600 HSC doesn't start, visit the "Hi-Score Today" thread.



In this thread, test your skills and post your personal High Scores from any games, any classic platforms (including Atari Systems) and any game variation (console or emulation) - just specify the game played, category and the respective settings used.

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I don't remember ever playing Threshold in the HSC. That's a fun one for the shooter category.


I just started playing Amidar, a long-neglected game in my collection, so I'd like to suggest that as well.


Otherwise, my general suggestion is to simply pick games that haven't been played in the HSC before. I like surprises

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I like the idea of Combat (seeing how many times you can pummel the non-moving tank. Along with that thread, may I suggest:


Air-Sea Battle: Shooting Gallery variation (the one with the duckies/bunnies.)


Or how about making a themed round...timed games. Combat, Air-Sea Battle, Indy 500, Night Driver

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