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NanoPEB re-engineering and speculation


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Hey All,


Wondering if anyone has contact with Jaime? I recently disassembled a Speech Synth to add a power socket for my NanoPEB. It occurred to me that the latest NanoPEB has a ton of empty board space - and the only reason it needs to be as big as it is would be the CF card. Using an SD card in place of the CF card one could easily create a new board layout that could fit right into the Speech Synth's "upper deck" so to speak.


Also - anyone try to stuff a NanoPEB into a PEB via. a Rave99? Would that work??? (don't ask why, just roll with it...) LOL


Cheers, Arthur...

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Is the SD card slot IDE compatible? I believe the CF interface is IDE. I could be wrong, just going by other applications I see like the Amiga ide to CF adapters.


Yes I you're right. Perhaps one could use a SD to IDE adapter instead?



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