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Interest Check - For Sale - MASSIVE complete Intellivision Collection


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I am assisting a private collector/friend who is wanting to sell the following collection. He is keeping alot of his personal favorites for his collection. He is wishing to downsize a bit. He does not come onto forums at all and does not wish to use ebay for this as of right now. He is located in California.


This thread is to test interest, and hopefully sell. If at least to assign a fair market value to his collection. He is wanting to sell all of this to one person at this point if at all possible. Parting out at a later time may be an option. PM me with any offers and feel free to post in this thread any thoughts on a total value.


NIB: new and/or sealed

CIB: Complete in box


The games are stored in protective cases and most are mint/clean copies. He took alot of pride in showing his collection!


The entire run of Intv homebrews may be for sale as well. Still undecided.


The Videoplexer is sealed.


See pictures below. Thanks!



Regular 125 Games
ABPA Backgammon NIB
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Cloudy Mountain NIB
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Treasure of Tarmin NIB
Armor Battle NIB
Astrosmash NIB
Atlantis NIB
Auto Racing NIB
B-17 Bomber NIB
Beamrider NIB
Beauty & The Beast NIB
Blockade Runner CIB
Body Slam Super Pro Wrestling CIB (no overlays)
Bomb Squad NIB
Boxing NIB
Bump N Jump NIB
Burgertime NIB
Buzz Bombers NIB
Carnival NIB
Centipede NIB
Championship Tennis NIB
Checkers NIB
Chip Shot Super Pro Golf CIB (no overlays)
Commando NIB
Congo Bongo CIB (no overlays)
Defender NIB
Demon Attack NIB
Dig Dug CIB
Diner NIB
Donkey Kong NIB
Donkey Kong Jr. CIB
Dracula NIB
Dragonfire NIB
Dreadnaught Factor NIB
Electric Company: Math Fun NIB
Electric Company: Word Fun NIB
Fathom CIB
Frog Bog NIB
Frogger NIB
Happy Trails NIB
Horse Racing NIB
Hover Force CIB (no overlays)
Ice Trek NIB
Jetsons Ways With Words,The NIB
Kool-Aid Man CIB
Lady Bug NIB
Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack NIB
Las Vegas Roulette NIB
Learning Fun I CIB (no overlays)
Learning Fun II CIB (no overlays)
Lock N Chase NIB
Loco-Motion NIB
Major League Baseball NIB
Masters of the Universe The Power of He-Man NIB
Melody Blaster (music synthesizer add-on) NIB
Microsurgeon NIB
Mind Strike NIB
Mission X NIB
Motocross NIB
Mountain Madness Super Pro Skiing CIB (no overlays)
Mouse Trap NIB
Mr. Basic Meets Bits N Bytes NIB
NBA Basketball NIB
NFL Football NIB
NHL Hockey NIB
Night Stalker NIB
Nova Blast NIB
Pac-Man NIB
PBA Bowling NIB
Pinball CIB
Pitfall! NIB
Pole Position CIB (no overlays)
Popeye CIB (no overlays)
Q*bert NIB
Reversi NIB
River Raid CIB
Royal Dealer NIB
Safecracker NIB
Scooby Doo's Maze Chase NIB
Sea Battle NIB
Sewer Sam CIB
Shark! Shark! NIB
Sharp Shot NIB
Slam Dunk Super Pro Basketball CIB (no overlays)
Slap Shot Super Pro Hockey CIB (no overlays)
Snafu NIB
Space Armada NIB
Space Battle NIB
Space Hawk NIB
Space Spartans NIB
Spiker! Super Pro Volleyball CIB
Stadium Mud Buggies CIB (no overlays)
Stampede NIB
Star Strike NIB
Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back NIB
Sub Hunt NIB
Super Cobra NIB
Super Pro Decathlon CIB (no overlays)
Super Pro Football NIB
Swords & Serpents NIB
Tennis NIB
Thin Ice CIB
Thunder Castle CIB (no overlays)
Tower of Doom CIB (no overlays)
Triple Action NIB
Triple Challenge CIB (no overlays)
Tron Deadly Discs NIB
Tron Maze-a-Tron NIB
Tron Solar Sailer NIB
Tropical Trouble NIB
Truckin' NIB
Turbo CIB (no overlays)
Tutankham NIB
U.S. Ski Team Skiing NIB
Utopia NIB
Vectron NIB
Venture NIB
White Water! CIB
World Championship Baseball CIB
World Cup Soccer NIB
World Series Major League Baseball NIB
Worm Whomper NIB
Zaxxon CIB

Intellivision System CIB
Intellivision II System NIB
Intellivision III System CIB
Intellivision Super Pro System CIB
Sears Super Video Arcade Unit CIB
Tandyvision Unit CIB
Sylvania Unit System/Instructions only
Intellivoice CIB/NIB? (NOS?)
Intellivision Syster Changer (Atari) CIB
Computer Module NIB
Keyboard Synthesizer CIB
Blue Demonstration Cart CIB
Green Demonstration Cart NIB
Red Demonstration Cart Cart only
Red Demonstration Cart (International) CIB
Orphan Overlays Series III NIB
Videoplexer NIB
Intellivision Side Button Accessory CIB
INTV Intellivision Attachable Joysticks NIB (but detached plastic)
Intellivision Stickler Joysticks NIB (opened, but unused)
Intellivision Sticks CIB
Software Catalogue
Hardware Catalogue
Hartzell Organizer CIB
Astrosmash $100,000 Shootoff NIB
Buzz Bombers (Gatefold) CIB
Mission X (Gatefold) NIB
Burgertime (Gatefold) NIB

Sears Games
Super Video Arcade Overlay Set NIB
Armor Battle CIB
Astrosmash CIB
Auto Racing CIB
Baseball CIB
Basketball CIB
Bowling CIB
Boxing CIB
Checkers CIB
Football CIB
Frog Bog CIB
Golf CIB
Hockey CIB
Horse Racing CIB
Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack CIB
Las Vegas Roulette CIB
Night Stalker CIB
Sea Battle CIB
Skiing CIB
Snafu CIB
Soccer CIB
Space Armada NIB
Space Battle CIB
Space Hawk NIB
Star Strike NIB
Sub Hunt CIB
Tennis CIB
Triple Action CIB
Utopia CIB






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Part it out!


Your friend will have more money (and I'll try to give my contribution)!


EDIT: I've just noticed that three INTV games are shrinkwrapped. I thought they didn't come sealed


Are the shrink-wrapped or NIB? That is different. Some retailers, like Toys R US and KB Toys did in store shrink-wraping so prevent kids from walking out with the games.

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