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Wanted - level creators for my iOS game


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The iOS game I have been working on, Slide Tilt Roll is nearly complete. But before I put the game on the App Store, I need some levels. Which means I need people to create levels.

Interested? You need an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch running iOS 9 or later (configured to send email) and a willingness to create levels gratis for my 100% free application.

In order to install my app I need the UDID for your device. This can be obtained from iTunes by clicking on the Serial Number on the device Summary panel, then right clicking on the hex digit string, selecting copy, and sending it to me via PM. (If you don't have iTunes, you can get it by plugging into a computer and looking at the USB device information. Ask, and I'll provide instructions. Any other methods (websites, apps) are either outdated or extremely suspect.) After I get your UDID I will update my Apple Developer account device list and send you the link to download and install.

Muchas gracias
Merci beaucoup
Vielen Dank



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