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Hearty Manslapper


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With help of Keith (Retrogamer 81081) this game is loosely based on some other forum. You're a micro-man (whom looks like the same guy from Chicago Basement) as you traverse in some person's digestive system. Why you're in there, who knows? All you want to do is escape the slimy walls while tackling undigested food stuffs such as roast beef, carrots and potatoes. And there are bosses like Crabby Cabbage, Bad Bean and Bruto Broccoli.


You have a fork, but if you can find one, a knife will better your chances. Some levels are blocked so you may have to find a Gelatin Key. There are also replenishing junk foods such as cake and fried chicken.


Start the game with either the left or right fire buttons.



You move micro-man around in all directions while using the left fire button to extend your fork either left or right. You cannot attack up or down. With the knife however, you could change the direction of the knife. For instance, shoot the knife right, then quickly press up. The knife will travel in that direction.


KNOWN ISSUES: At times some 'garbage' sprites may appear on top of the screen. I don't know if that has to with anything of the refresh rate or the placement of the Hit Point counter at right. It's minor but I'd like to get it fixed sometime.



There are six levels in all. This game is just another silly creation by yours truly and Retrogamer 81081.


















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Wheeze about to get nasty over at Atari 7800 Forever, cause we are diving head first into the guts of Hearty Manslapper. HMS is an odd one from the Atari 7800's resident homebrew B movie film director: Frankodragon... try mixing 1 part Martin Short's "Inner Space", 1 part independent college film project, 1 part Salvador Dali painting, 1 part internet argument and 5 parts bag full of guts. If you were one of the snow flakes that got all offended at my Hat Trick review, holy Toledo... stay far away from this one. (It contains the word sphincter) 



The review lives here:




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