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The Gizzle Wap and the Terrible Blizzard of Firn (final)

Mountain King

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The Gizzle Wap and the Terrible Blizzard of Firn is a new side scrolling game in beta testing, so honest feedback is welcome.


The story:


25th day of the 12th phase of 18th fade of the constellation Stonefish of the Hallmas Zodiac. (December 25, 2018)

The Feast of Salubria has been cut short by a tremendous blizzard trapping those unfortunate enough to be caught outside under a blanket of heavy snow. (firn)

The council of Sundra called for anyone willing to brave the elements and rescue the survivors


Only two volunteered.

The Gizzle Wap defender of the J’Thanian woods and the Moum Moum, watcher of the Southern shores. The Gizzle Wap offered his ability to dig in the snow and the Moum Moum his keen eyesight. Together they would set up a safe house and search the land bringing anyone they found back to the base.

“Oh brave Gizzle Wap and noble Moum Moum, you do not understand the severity of this storm. The cold and firn vortices will be too much for a shore bird and small creature of the wood. You will not survive through the night.”

“Then we have no time to waste. We must do what we can during the sun’s light.”


Game Play:


You control the Gizzle Wap and the Moum Moum searching for survivors. You can move the Gizzle Wap left and right and the Moum Moum will follow. Press the joystick up to make the Gizzle Wap jump and the Moum Moum will flap. Press the fire button to dig in the snow. When you have a Salubrious stone you can pull down on the joystick to activate it’s ability.


Scan the area while avoiding firn vorticies and listen for the Moum Moum to sing (tu rah lu rah lu) and dig where he sings. Something will be buried there. Note: the Moum Moum will not sing if he is too high in the air or too low to the ground. You must find that sweet spot in between.

When you unearth a creature you will need to deal with it accordingly. (see beastiary ) The ones that need rescuing the Moum Moum will carry off to safety. Others you might need to rebury. Rescue enough creatures and you will see a star in the sky. A Paladin will drop a map. Pick up the map and it will lead you to the boss.


Pay close attention to your life bars. The Moum Moum’s life is on the left and Gizzle Wap’s is on the right. If either of them reach zero the game will be over. If you take too long and the day turns to night the pair will take extra damage until one or the other expires.

To replenish your health you must forage for food. Fortunately one of the customs of The Feast of Salubria is to bury food and gifts under trees. Dig at the base of a tree to unearth a gift. Not all trees will have things buried there.

Defeat the boss and move on to the next day.


The riddle of the Fraez:

Each boss you defeat will leave a clue to the riddle. There are 7 clues. The last one can be seen in the sky.








Gizzle Blizzard82bas.bas.bin

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Update 5: More creatures to save in the night.


1. Added a day and night cycle. The sky gets darker as the sun moves across the sky.

2. Added more creatures to find. Some of them move. No animation yet.

3. The snow stops at the ground.


The game is still in it's early stages.

Gizzle Bilzzard5.bas.bin

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Update 7: Things unearthed may not want to be found.


1. The Moum Moum will carry away whatever you find to safety and then fly back.

2. The dog is animated, but will run away. Catch him to rescue him.

3. The sleepy ghost will float around. Dig another hole and let him land in it to bury him back in the ground.

4. The Crab will attack you and move back and forth. Dig a hole and let him fall in. (no damage yet)

5. Everything else will be carried off by the Moum Moum when they are touched.

Gizzle Bilzzard7.bas.bin


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Update 9:More things that do stuff.


1. Fixed the Crab and the Sleepy ghost. They fall into the holes better.

2. Fixed an exploit where you could dig up the same spot over and over again.

3. Fixed the dog, he no longer wraps around to the other side of the screen.

4. The Moum Moum keeps his wings out when returning to the Gizzle Wap.

5. All Creatures are animated and act differently when you rescue them.

  • Dog-runs away, catch him before he gets away and freezes.
  • Sleepy Ghost- Floats around. Dig a new holes and let him fall back in.
  • Crab - Runs back and forth. Dig a new for him to fall into.
  • Eastern/J'Thanian Bunipy(Purple)-When unburied he will try to hop away. Catch him before he escapes and freezes to death.
  • Western/Belanis Bunipy (Blue)-Will be Frenzied and disoriented when unburied. Dig a hole and let him fall in before approaching him
  • The White Crunch-He will be extremely frenzied when unburied. Dig a Hole and let him fall in before rescuing him.
  • The Cotinus-A fragile leaf like creature caught out in the blizzard. They are very docile and may not be responsive when unburied. Touch them to rescue them.
  • A Belanis Paladin-Holy warrior of Belanis. Rumor has it a contingent was sent out to investigate an odd star that appeared in the night sky. Some where caught in the blizzard and did not return. They are very proud and arrogant and will barely acknowledge the Gizzle Wap when unburied. They will slowly walk away and not accept any further help.




Gizzle Blizzard9.bas.bin

Edited by Mountain King
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Update 10:ouch that hurts


1. Implemented a damage routine (not fully refined yet). Bars will flash red if the Gizzle Wap takes damage and Yellow if the Moum Moum takes damage. Also you will hear them make a sound if they are hit.

2. The left health bar is the Moum Moum's life the right health bar is the Gizzle Wap's

3. The Gizzle Wap and the Moum Moum will take damage if hit by the Crab, Ghost and Cruncher.

4. Added a firn vortex that flies across the screen. Avoid it. It will hurt you.

5. Both the Gizzle Wap and Moum Moum will take damage over time from the cold.


Gizzle Blizzard10.bas.bin

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Update 14:Food is good

1. The Moum Moum actually sings part of Pat a Pan when something is buried in the snow.

2. Fixed a bug where the life bar flips if too much damage is done.

3. The Moum Moum's life bar flashes yellow correctly when hit by a vortex.

4. You can now dig under a tree to find food, Occasionally you may find something.

5. A Fraze branch will heal the Moum Moum

6. Bacon will heal the Gizzle Wap.

Gizzle Blizzard14.bas.bin



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Update 16:Beware of ground gnats


1. When finding a Fraze branch or bacon the Moum moum will no longer carry them away. Instead he will carry the Fraze a few feet away and eat it and then return. The Bacon Gizzle wap needs to touch to eat it. He will make a quick buzz sound when eating.

2. Bacon heals the Gizzle Wap more effectively.

3. The Moum Moum and the Gizzle Wap turn blue when their health becomes critically low ( no death yet)

4. You can no longer "spam" Dig. Instead you must wait until your previous hole fills before digging a new hole. Don't worry the storm is pretty harsh. The Hole will fill quickly.

5. If the Blue Bunipy or the Cruncher becomes reburied, you will need to redig a hole where they are to rescue them.

6. When searching for food, there is a chance you will disturb a nest of ground Gnats. The warriors will relentless attack you. Dodge their attacks and dig holes to stop them.

7. Objects and creatures no longer "morph" This was a bug resulting from assigning multiple sprites to one virtual sprite.


Gizzle Blizzard16.bas.bin


Edited by Mountain King
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Update 18:Dead ending.

1. Added 2 endings

a. When the Gizzle Wap dies he will be carried off by the Moum Moum. Added death animation.

b. When the Moum Moum dies the Gizzle Wap will drag him off the screen. The Gizzle Wap will be sad.

2. Game Over appears at the end.

3. The Sun will turn into a moon at night.

4. If the moon gets to the end of the screen the temperature will become too low and fatal damage will be applied, triggering one of the two endings.

5. Holes now get filled gradually to appear that the snow fills the holes.




Gizzle Blizzard18.bas.bin

Edited by Mountain King
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Update 22:Bugs Bugs bugs.

1. Fixed a bug that made the game crash on real hardware

2. Fixed numerous collision bugs. Still not perfect

3. The Cruncher no longer "bites" you when you rescue him.

4. The Firn Vortex hurts the Gizzle wap like it's supposed to.

5. The Firn Vortex now makes noise as it passes by.

6. The Crab now jumps and does not fall into the hole easily. You now have to dig a hole and trick the crab into jump in before it fills up.

7. A flashing star might appear in the sky if you save enough creatures. (no level progression yet)

8. Fixed some digging bugs.

Gizzle Blizzard22.bas.bin

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Update 27:Finding the Blood Finch


1. Moved some back ground sprites to eliminate some flicker. Changed the speed as well.

2. When you have rescued enough victims and the star appears in the sky. The next victim will be a Belanis soldier. When rescued he will drop a map.

3. An arrow will appear telling you which direction to go to find the boss. Follow the arrow until it turns into an "x" You will also notice a thin flashing "portal" Dig at the portal and it will spawn the boss.

4. The Blood Finch, sworn enemy of the Moum Moum will swoop in and attack the Moum Moum and Gizzle Wap. Disrupt his attack by digging a hole and let him fly into it. Defeat the Blood finch and he will explode and catch on fire. The Gizzle Wap and Moum Moum will heal and the falling snow will flash. Press the fire button and the next level will start. (There still is no true level progression, the game will just start over)

5. Fixed a bug where there the fraze branch spawns out of reach making it impossible to continue.


There are still numerous bugs I still need to fix. I'm working on it.







Gizzle Blizzard27.bas.bin

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  • 2 weeks later...

I'm glad you liked Gizzle Wap. The great Blizzard of Firn was really a concept game and sadly it crashes a lot on real hardware. I put this project on hold at the moment. I do want to jump back on The Toxic Isles after I finish some personal projects. The bird concept came out well in Blizzard so I was thinking of incorporating something similar in Toxic Isles.

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Update 29: The ground gnats are dead, but the project isn't


1. Rearranged the code to be more stable and does not seem to crash on real hardware, at least on my 7800.

2. Ground gnats have been removed. They seemed to be the cause of some stability issues.

3. If there is a tree trunk on the screen when the blood finch spawns. It stays under the tree.

4. The portal disappears when the blood finch spawn.

5. The Moum Moum sings correctly again. "Tu ra lu ra lu, tu ra lu ra lu"

6. Some new tree designs added.

7. The trees are now procedurally ordered. They will appear in the same order when you move forward or backwards.


There are still some issues, but this is a step forward.


Gizzle Blizzard29.bas.bin


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Quick Update 30:Star fall


1. Fixed a bug where the trees don't retain their width.

2. Once you save a certain number of creatures and you get the map the star will move in the direction of the boss. When reached it will "fall" to the ground where you can reach it.

3. The firn vortex is more dangerous. It may or may not bounce.

Gizzle Blizzard30.bas.bin

Edited by Mountain King
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Update 33:Title screen and other fun stuff.


1. Added title screen. No music yet.

2. The dog will try to avoid you.

3. Fixed a bug where the purple Bunipy won't appear.

4. The purple Bunipy will run away from the Gizzle Wap.

5. Started level progression. No real change in difficulty. The firn vortex acts differently from level 1 to level 2.

6. Added the "ocean" if you move to the far left of the land.

Gizzle Blizzard33.bas.bin


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