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Weird Chinese APF auction


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Sometimes scammers really are genuine sellers without the ability to take good pictures. It happened to me once. I bought a CGL M5 with 6 boxed games, all new in box. The images used in the auction were copied from other auctions and sites online. The seller even claimed the tape recorder on the stolen picture, that he didn't own one of, had broken since the picture was taken and thus not for sale. The morning after I won the auction, it was pulled by eBay and I was worried my good money was lost, so I threatened to open a dispute with PayPal right away. The seller ensured me it was just a mistake, and even looked me up on a different forum, just to send me PM:s about the items were on their way (instead of sending email). A few weeks later, I received a big package containing exactly what was advertised plus two extra application cartridges never mentioned, also complete in boxes. Imagine how surprised I was! Everything like new condition, fully working, bought through BIN at a very nice price. The seller contacted me that he had found 10 more M5 computers at his sister's place and wondered if I'd be interested in buying, but I was wary enough to decline his offer. Who knows, perhaps that also was legitmate and I could have made the deal of my life?


But yes, that must've been an extreme exception to the rule. Also call me narrow minded, but I'd rather trust a potential scammer in the UK than a potential scammer in China.

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No this was definitely a stolen auction listing that went for like $500. It wasn't like hey that is a Chinese seller, it must be a scam. The auction ended yesterday and then a duplicate auction popped up with the same pictures and description.


And I don't think it's particularly racist or xenophobic to say that I would be more worried about a Chinese transaction than a UK transaction. It's simply good sense. There is a point when sensibility turns to stereotyping and racism, but being wary about the country of origin of a sale is not necessarily damning. I agree with carlsson. Different countries have different rates of issues for internet deals.

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