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Value of two loaner cartridges. Mario Bros. and Sorcerer's Apprentice


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I have two loaner cartridges with lab labels that I'm looking to sell, and I've no clue about the value. I intend on eBaying them, but I'd like to avoid getting taken to the cleaners. :) Can someone give me a rough price range on these?


Mario top

Mario front


Sorcerer's Apprentice top

Sorcerer's Apprentice front


They are not just the cases - PCBs are inside. The Mario one has been tested (not by me) and works. I don't think the other one has been tested, but it came with this one and is in similar condition, so I imagine it probably does. Unfortunately I don't have a console to test with to be sure.


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I suppose the thing is that I want to get a fair price for the current market; I don't want to take anyone to the cleaners, nor do I want to be taken, if that makes sense. The prices I see on eBay are so all over the place I'm having a heck of a time even nailing down a range. Sold prices looked in the $500 range, but for-sale prices were just crazy, hence asking here.


Also, I didn't find anything for Mario Brothers or for Sorcerer's Apprentice at all, so I don't know how the title will affect the price.


Anyway, thank you for your feedback, high voltage. :)

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I agree with high voltage. They are as valuable as you say they are on ebay. You put the price of value. If i had loaners i would check first if there is even interest in them. Check if any of them have current bids. You should be able to narrow it down to the price range that has the most bidders


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