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CC40 Basic Programs


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I came across this collection of programs I wrote for the CC40 I had uploaded to a forum in 2009, and I thought I'll post them here so they don't get completely lost. The collection includes both the text listing and the pgm file for transfer via a PCIF device if you have it.

  • Hangman
  • Blackjack
  • Master Mind
  • Combat - WWI air combat pitting you against a computer opponent in a deadly fight. I can't seem to find the documentation for it but here are a few pointer: The main screen displays in order your heading, enemy heading, distance from enemy plane, relative altitude to enemy, absolute altitude of your plane, speed, ammo, damage to your plane, damage to enemy plane. The maneuvers are Left, Right, Straight, Immelmann, Reverse Immelmann. Attitude is Level, Climb and Descend. The rest should hopefully be self-explanatory. I don't recall how the enemy AI performed but it was challenging. You will probably need some form of grid paper to keep track of the planes' relative positions to each other.
  • Haunted House is an adaptation in cooperation with Phil Lancaster of a published 1983 program. An adventure game where you are trying to escape a deadly mansion. Has a limited text parser. Quite fun actually. Will require an 18K CC40 or a TI74 with an 8K RAM pack.
  • Convert. A base conversion program I initially wrote to help me with the development of my SkyChart astronomy program for the TI 99/4A. It converts between decimal, binary, 2's complement, hexadecimal, float and Radix 100 which is the internal representation of float numbers in the TI 99/4A.

After seeing this, I am tempted to come up with another program for the CC40. I do have a soft spot for it :)


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CHEX A custom character editor for the CC40


Here is a program I made for the CC40 to aid in designing custom characters. It is about as close to a MSPaint program that can be implemented on this little computer. Seven characters can be custom edited to create any symbol you like within a 7x5 matrix (8x5 if the underscore is included). This program allows you to edit the pixels in all seven custom characters at once. On start up, existing custom characters are cleared and you are presented with the code for custom character 0, which when blank is 0000000000000000. Look carefully, and you will notice the "cursor", a pixel, is flashing. Press the space bar to toggle the pixel on and off, or press the arrow keys to move the pixel cursor around. If you move the cursor rightward enough, the cursor will jump from custom character 0 to custom character 1 and it may be edited. You can move rightward through all seven custom characters and move leftward back to character 0. Whichever character the cursor is in, the corresponding code will be shown and can be noted down for use in other programs. Press the clear key to erase any character. Press the "q" key to exit the program. Hope somebody enjoys this little program!


Cheers, Keith




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