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FS: Playstation 2 Games Only!

Chris Leach

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These r all for sale! All ps2 games are in working order and those that have surface scratches are noted as well as any that may have been resurfaced. (1 at this point)


post-24829-0-75172600-1481588979_thumb.jpg $15 Digimon World Data Squad (like new)


post-24829-0-76032500-1481588987_thumb.jpg $52 Digimon Rumble Arena 2 (like new)


post-24829-0-08269000-1481588996_thumb.jpg $11 Fire Pro G Wrestling JPN (like new)


post-24829-0-86077400-1481589005_thumb.jpg $6 Resident Evil Code Veronica w/ demo disc (like new)


post-24829-0-13881300-1481589016_thumb.jpg $5 Resident Evil Code Veronica GH (like new)


post-24829-0-74521500-1481589024_thumb.jpg $8 Resident Evil Outbreak (like new)


post-24829-0-67453300-1481589033_thumb.jpg $15 Resident Evil Dead Aim (light scratches)


post-24829-0-84784600-1481589041_thumb.jpg $5 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (light scratches)


post-24829-0-16407300-1481589049_thumb.jpg $15 Inuyasha Feudal Combat (light scratches)


post-24829-0-07113600-1481589059_thumb.jpg $15 Inuyasha the Secret of the Cursed Mask (light scratches)


post-24829-0-57718500-1481589072_thumb.jpg $5 Star Wars Super Bombad Racing (like new)


post-24829-0-07856900-1481589081_thumb.jpg $4 Star Wars Starfighter GH (like new)


post-24829-0-40461300-1481589092_thumb.jpg $4 Star Wars Starfighter (light scratches)


post-24829-0-53505200-1481589099_thumb.jpg $7 Star Wars Racer Revenge (light scratches)


post-24829-0-08641000-1481589106_thumb.jpg $6 Star Wars Starfighter w/ strat guide (light scratches)


post-24829-0-59218400-1481589113_thumb.jpg $5 Star Wars Jedi Starfighter (like new)


post-24829-0-19723100-1481589121_thumb.jpg $10 Star Wars Battlefront (like new)


post-24829-0-77957500-1481589128_thumb.jpg $12 Star Wars Battlefront II (light scratches)


post-24829-0-31661200-1481589136_thumb.jpg $5 Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith GH (like new)


post-24829-0-29169400-1481589143_thumb.jpg $5 Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith (light scratches)


post-24829-0-43886000-1481589166_thumb.jpg $7 Star Wars the Clone Wars (like new)


post-24829-0-84264300-1481589173_thumb.jpg $5 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (resurfaced)


post-24829-0-29509800-1481589181_thumb.jpg $8 Mobile Light Force 2 (like new)


post-24829-0-14283700-1481589190_thumb.jpg $55 Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 (light scratches)


post-24829-0-19843100-1481589197_thumb.jpg $12 Dragonball Z 3 (like new)


post-24829-0-09735000-1481589206_thumb.jpg $8 Dragonball Z 2 JPN (like new)


post-24829-0-00277200-1481589213_thumb.jpg $15 PaRappa the Rapper 2 (like new)


post-24829-0-48852200-1481589219_thumb.jpg $20 Resident Evil Outbreak GH (like new)


post-24829-0-76728500-1481589226_thumb.jpg $25 Dot Hack part 3 Outbreak (like new)


post-24829-0-97877400-1481589234_thumb.jpg $35 Dot Hack part 2 Mutation (like new)


post-24829-0-20113800-1481589242_thumb.jpg $10 Obscure The Aftermath (light scratches)

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